Sanar International Hospitals Provides Complete Cure to 23-Year-Old Iraqi Youth After 7 Surgeries

Unlocking Scarless Robotic Surgery for Thyroid Tumors
Unlocking Scarless Robotic Surgery for Thyroid Tumors

Inspiring Recovery: Sanar International Hospitals Gives New Lease of Life to Iraqi Youth with Lost Ability to Speak and Breathe

Ali, a 23-year-old from Iraq, had almost given up hope after enduring seven unsuccessful surgeries and being abandoned by a number of hospitals in both Iraq and India. His ordeal began when he suffered a severe accident in his home country, resulting in the loss of his ability to speak and breathe normally. Despite undergoing multiple surgeries over a span of more than three years, Ali’s airway continued to block, leaving him desperate for a solution.

 Sanar International Hospitals Provides Lasting Cure

Fortunately, Ali’s path crossed with Sanar International Hospitals, a beacon of hope in his journey to recovery. After undergoing thorough tests and investigations, he was diagnosed with “Grade-4 Complete Subglottic Stenosis,” a condition that severely obstructed his airway. Dr. Kunal Nigam, Head of Department & Consultant, ENT, Cochlear Implant and Voice Disorders, performed a groundbreaking surgery utilizing Coblation-assisted Subglottic Stenosis with Serial Balloon Dilatation, followed by T-Tube Montgomery Stent placement. The procedure successfully opened his narrowed subglottic airway, allowing Ali to speak and breathe effortlessly through his mouth and nose.

Triumph of Resilience and Collaboration

Dr. Kunal Nigam praised Ali’s bravery and perseverance throughout his arduous journey. The successful outcome of the surgery was a testament to the combined efforts of the medical team, including Dr. Sabih Ahmed, HOD and Senior Consultant of Anaesthesia, and Dr. Aditi Agrawal, HOD and Senior Consultant of Radiology and Imaging. The advanced technologies and expertise available at Sanar International Hospitals played a crucial role in Ali’s remarkable recovery.

Ali’s transformation from despair to triumph serves as an inspiration to all who face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Sanar International Hospitals’ dedication to providing innovative and effective medical care has not only restored Ali’s ability to speak and breathe but also instilled hope for a brighter future. This remarkable success story showcases the power of resilience, collaboration, and the unwavering commitment of medical professionals at Sanar International Hospitals.

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