Importance of Yoga in one’s life

Mrs. Neha Bangia Gulati: Mother of two kids. Reebok fitness trainer, Yogini,Mountaineering enthusiast,Fitness blogger, Pilates Coach, Online Coach,Influencer.
Yoga should be a part of everyone’s life like brushing your teeth is, I don’t ask anyone to meditate as I myself believe in mindful meditation but doing yoga asana and breathing techniques like anulom vilom, kapaalbhati, suryanamskar etc can magically improve our Health and life expectancy.
Yoga doesn’t look for age height weight gender and all that jazz, its for everyone.
Yoga is popular coz its for everybody on this earth,
it was meant to be just that: a healing, strengthening, calming, and empowering practice that offers something for everybody, regardless of their age, gender, race, size, shape, background, and yes, even their fitness level!
For me yoga is my me time, where I can play around and make beautiful shapes with my own body and its weight which in turn lets me explore more and more strength than what i thought I had.
Yoga helps in calming our mind, increases concentration power, releases happy hormones(endorphins), helps me to connect with myself and much more.
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