World Yoga Day 2020: Build Immunity With These Yoga Poses To Fight COVID-19

yoga for immunity

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted almost the entire world but there is still no vaccine to protect the body against the deadly disease. The only known way to curb the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing. The other option to keep yourself safe from the contagious disease is to boost your immune system. Yoga can help build your immunity and can provide you enough strength to keep the virus at bay.

According to Fitness Professional & Yoga expert Abhi Singh Thakur, it is completely natural and has no side effects as if compare to allopathic medicine. “Anyone can perform yoga with little practice and consistency regardless of height, weight, body fat, age,” Thakur said.

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Wondering where to start? Here are 5 immunity booster yoga poses suggested by Abhi Singh Thakur that can help us in this fight against the pandemic.

1. Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

Most people find this move difficult but no need to worry. You don’t have to do a free handstand during the initial phase. You can use a wall or tree for support. From increasing the immunity to stamina and strength, handstand has many benefits.


• Take the support of the wall or tree
• Bring your hands close to the wall
• Push your legs up in the sky
• Hold your body in a straight line

2. L-Sit Pose (Bramcharyasana)

This is an amazing pose to strengthen your core muscles and boost the immunity level. The idea is to hold the body in an L position for maximum time.

l sit pose

• Sit on the ground or grab iron bars
• Keep your back straight & chest up
• Start lifting your single leg from the ground
• Slowly and gradually lift both the legs

3. Peacock Pose (Mayurasana)

Elbow lever is a perfect example for anyone who wants to start with a yoga immunity booster pose. The lighter you are, the easier it will be for you. It also improves your mental balance and mind coordination.

peacock pose

• Lay on the ground on prone position
• Position both the elbows beside navel area
• Brace your core and breath
• Slowly lift your legs
• Make a balance for maximum time

4. Leg Raise Pose (Uttanpadasana)

This pose is easy to do and can be done anywhere it increases immunity and also cures stomach health problems such as acidity, constipation, upset stomach etc. also strengthen the abdominal muscles and cure lower back pain.

leg raise

• Lay on the mat
• Put both the arms beside hips
• Lift both legs and make 90 degree
• Hold for maximum time
• Breath consistently

5. Toe Stand Pose (Padangusthasana)

This is advanced yoga pose with help in increasing immunity it also strengthens the joints which cure arthritis and knee pain. This pose also increases the balance, focus, and control over the mind.

toe pose

• Start with standing posture then put your one leg foot onto another thigh
• Lean forward keeping your one leg bent and another leg straight
• Slowly bend your knee and sit down on the ball of your feet
• Find balance and hold your body for maximum time

Constant practice is the secret of success.

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