World Sight Day 2021: History, Significance, Theme, And All You Need To Know

World Sight Day, internationally recognized with a focus on creating awareness on importance of eye health.

World Sight Day, internationally recognized with a focus on creating awareness on importance of eye health. This year’s theme #LoveYourEyes, aptly describes the significance of regular eye health checkup.  The pandemic has had a severe impact on provision of eyecare facilities across the country as many non-emergency treatments were discontinued to limit the risk of exposure to Covid-19. This has further led to increase in number of cases causing eye problems like dry eyes syndrome, myopia, and other such eye conditions following the prolonged screen time.  The pandemic has emphasized the significance of including eye healthcare as a core part of overall healthcare.

Dr. Nikhil Gokhale, Gokhale Eye Hospital, MD DNB Ophthalmology, Cornea specialist, Mumbai commented, “During these times most people overlooked their eye check-ups. We have witnessed increased cases of eye conditions like dry eyes, or short sightedness, Glaucoma, sore eyes etc. in the post pandemic phase.  If we keep ignoring our eye health and delay treatment, then repercussions could be dangerous and serious, especially in eye conditions diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma which causes permanent vision loss. We are also observing patients with mature cataracts due to delays in surgery. This World Sight Day let’s pledge to get regular eye checkups which can prevent this and is very crucial to help detect and treat several abnormalities that can develop over time. This is important for children too, due to online education and digital device usage. World Sight Day is a perfect medium to raise awareness about taking care of one’s eye health. It is equally important to create awareness in rural areas where understanding is minimal. Also, given the fact that they do not have access to developed infrastructure for regular health checkups, such facilities are a must in these regions. Our eyes are precious, so it’s high time that we take this seriously and take a pledge to get sight test done.”

Dr. Sudhank Bharati, Bharti Eye Foundation & Hospital, New Delhi said, “World Sight Day, is a great reminder to take your eye health seriously. While the pandemic pushed healthcare priorities, it is time to turn our attention to our eye health.  The Pandemic has led to a sharp rise in screen time, owing to virtual meetings or education, WFH, video conference, etc as all this has taken toll on our eye health. We have observed increasing number of cases with eye conditions like sore eyes, dry eyes, syndrome etc.  Many people still avoid eye check-ups, instead opt for home remedies which is not enough, and medical intervention is a must if the situation persists. This World Sight Day everyone should take a pledge to take care of their eyes and encourage their friends and family to go for an eye check-up done and continue to do so at regular intervals.”

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