World Mental Health Day: Private Sector Employees Are Suffering From Mental Fatigue During COVID-19 Pandemic

Not only physical health, but the pressure and unfavourable circumstance have taken a toll on their mental health as well.

Mental health has always been the least discussed topic in our society. The social stigma associated with it makes the situation even worse. At a time when the coronavirus has impacted one and all, private sector employees are at the receiving end because of the extended period of remote working. Not only physical health, but the pressure and unfavourable circumstance have taken a toll on their mental health as well. Due to chronic workplace stress, burnout is very common.

A study found that around half of the employees (42.5 per cent) in the private sector suffer from various forms of mental health issues including anxiety or depression. But ironically, not many are willing to acknowledge it.

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According to Dilshad Khurana – Psychologist & Head Counsellor, Mpower Helpline private sector employees are suffering from mental fatigue, and there various reasons behind this. “This is because of lack of work-life balance, insecurity, and anxiety due to job losses or pay cuts,” Khurana said.

Khurana said that lockdown has adversely impacted employees because of a sudden increase in work. “This is because they also have to balance housework with office work, lack of physical activity, a lot of people struggle with technology which leads to frustration. The insecurity of jobs because of the poor economy leads to anxiety about the future,” she added.

Is Work From Home A Factor In Mental Health

“Yes, being in the house with other people may make it difficult to find a quiet space to work, no social interaction with colleagues, balancing work with housework – all would affect their mental health,” the expert said.

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Mpower, which is trying to promote mental health and well-being in the most holistic manner conceivable, has been receiving lots of calls from people ever since the lockdown was implemented to curb the spread of coronavirus. Most of the calls they receive are related to anxiety, relationship issues, health anxieties, depression, exam stress. Most of the time these calls were to discuss mental health issues like anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, adjustment issues, relationship issues.

Suggestions For The Readers About Mental Health During This COVID-19 Pandemic

Keep yourself busy, but make sure you keep time out for yourselves. Indulge in things that make you happy. Try to stick to your pre-lockdown routine as much as possible so that there is a structure to your day. Limit your social media/digital time and keep away from the constant negative news or information, especially about COVID. Remember, we’re all in this together.

How Fostering Positive Attitudes At The Workplace Will Help Employees?

It will give the employee a sense of belonging and show them that the company cares, will help reduce any stress the employee might be going through.  In the current situation, a lot of organisations are recognising the need for better mental health and have tied up with our Helpline to provide ready professional help to their employees.


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