World Health Day Special: How We Have Been Fighting For Our Health For Over A Year

We faced more people with mental illness than ever, people suffered from mental breakdowns to physical weakness. The infection spared no one. As we go back to the year it seems that we have become more possessive and alert towards our health

It’s been a year since the world has been fighting with one disease, one infection and one fear which made this era the ‘Pandemic Era’. All over the world, people have been suffering from coronavirus. The infection has affected people’s lives and health both mentally and physically.

Every year, the 7th of April is celebrated as World Health Day. This year’s them for the day is a ‘fairer healthier world’.

We faced more people with mental illness than ever thanks to the epidemic. People suffered from mental breakdowns and physical weakness. The infection spared no one. As we go back to the year, it seems that we have become more possessive and alert towards our health and have learned how important it is to take care of it.

The pandemic affected millions of people but some recovered fast, while others took time to recover. Unfortunately, many people succumbed to the infection. Amidst all this chaos, scientists have managed to find out the reason for recovery speed in patients with Covid-19. Our bodies, in many cases, develop a robust and persistent immune response to SARS-CoV-2, but for some people with severe cases, it can go haywire and hurts more than helps.

People have started to find a solution to strengthen their immunity and doctors prescribed various natural things to increase immunity such as turmeric milk which includes antioxidant and antibiotic properties and an Indian kadha including Ginger, Basil, Honey, black pepper. 

Also, our diet has been changing as people tried to move to a healthier diet and home-made foods from market-based junk foods. 

Not only a healthy diet became a priority but people also started following some exercise and yoga rules at home too. Many people experienced mental breakdowns as their career growth went down.  They had to seek mental therapy. Many turned towards practicing meditation every day to keep their minds calm and healthy. 

“Mental health became more important to us during the pandemic because people were facing various kinds of mental breakdowns. They are afraid of losing their career and their loved ones. I would suggest them to keep practicing meditation and keep talking to people about their feelings. We should not lose hope”, Dr. Reena Malhotra, Mental health expert said.

“COVID 19 has affected every single person globally. It has overwhelmed several countries’ healthcare infrastructures.  It has forced doctors to work in extreme conditions wearing protective gear. Triaging patients and having to worry about which patients to treat have been real challenges in some hospitals. On a positive note, it has also forced us to look at Information technology and its application in healthcare with renewed interest. Vaccinations have been ongoing now in most countries in the world. While the protection is not complete, it gives us hope during these troubling times. Patients need to continue to stay careful, but also should not hesitate to seek medical attention for COVID or other healthcare issues that they might have.” Dr. Spoorthi Arun, American Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Promed Hospital stated

As the cases of the Covid-19 rose, the world stopped. The government of the various countries announced the complete lockdown in their country to stop the spread of coronavirus. Stopping the world helped our mother earth to recover from the human-made pollution which was destroying the environment. The environmental conditions were also affected by the pandemic but in a great and healthier way. Making people stay at home and using no vehicles made the environment so clean and pollution-free that people could see fairer than they thought they ever would. It made the air cleaner and people could breathe the pure oxygen which helped them in not falling for the disease related to the pollution level. 

Harshi Srivastava who works at a pharmaceutical company says “We didn’t get any break from duties so that we can find solutions and help people to fight the pandemic. Covid-19 is still going on but people are caring less which is not fair. Keep using face masks, keep washing your hands and keep sanitizing your hands so that we can fight the infection and make a fairer and healthier world”

Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra, Chief Of Clinical Services, Head Of Cardiac Sciences And Chief Cardio Vascular Surgeon, HCMCT Manipal Hospital states “The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we look at life in general, and healthcare in particular. Using sanitizers, face masks, and disinfecting every surface around, we all adopted a more refined way of life. While people worked from home and studied online, doctors and nurses at Manipal Hospitals worked tirelessly to preserve life. We left no stone unturned in intensifying this fight for health which has been on for over a year, and now, we are supporting the vaccination drive by increasing awareness and dissemination alike. Our endeavor is to vaccinate every citizen of our country against the virus to promote a safer way of life for all.”

We applauded all the medical and social workers for their bravery and services in saving people in those most difficult times of the era. We are still fighting the same infection and we should keep up with the healthy diet and healthy routines to have a fairer and healthier world. 


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