World Environment Day 2020: Know Benefits Of Indoor Plants

world environment day

Coronavirus-induced lockdown forced people to stay indoors. The lockdown has begun to ease but lakhs of people are still not willing to take the risk of stepping out of the house because there are chances of getting infected with the deadly virus. Even before the COVID-19 crisis struck, most of us were spending a good chunk of our day at home. This is why it is important to take every step to make sure that the air we breathe in our home is clean and this can be done by having indoor plants. On this World Environment Day, let’s have a look at the health benefits of indoor plants.

We always feel happy when we go out in the open. It is human nature and this is why when we go on a vacation we try to choose places which are less crowded, more open and have more greenery. According to Dr Nupur Gupta, Director of Well Woman Clinic, scientifically this provides us more oxygen and our brain functions much better when it gets ample amount of oxygen.

There are some toxins in the air, whether outside or inside the house. These toxins are called volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde. Indoor plants absorb these things and act as an air purifier.

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“Also, when we spend time between plants and trees, it uplifts our mood and also improves mental health. This is why we should have home plants,” Dr Nupur Gupta said.

“Indoor plants make you happier. It improves oxygenation in your environment. There is pollution outdoor as well as indoor. Those who can afford, bring purifier to make the air cleaner. But indoor plants are natural air purifiers for your home. Indoor plants absorb toxins, filter floating microbes – which we can’t see through naked eyes, and also increase humidity in the environment which decreases the chances of getting cough, allergy and other health problems,” she added.

Now even corporate offices and hospitals are focusing a lot on greenery and vertical gardens at workplaces because when people are surrounded by plants, they are found to have more work efficiency, they are more productive and they don’t fall ill frequently. In fact, around 60 per cent of such people are found to complain less about headaches or fatigue.

“People who are surrounded by plants are found to be more focused, attentive, and creative. These people have more concentration and this in turn increases productivity,” the doctor said.

“A research done in Kansas, the US showed that patients in hospital rooms with greenery felt less amount of pain and anxiety after being operated. Moreover, they recovered well and got discharged sooner,” the director of Well Woman Clinic said.

This is good even for kids if they are surrounded by plants. Plants around kids make them less aggressive and help them concentrate more. Then tend to have a better bonding with their counterparts and family members.

It has also been observed that people with a lot of plants at home have a good sleep pattern and sound sleep plays a very big role in our health.

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