World Cancer Day, Dr. Anshuman Kumar on Fighting Cancer Through Changes in Lifestyle

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New Delhi, February 3: World Cancer Day is approaching again. But nothing much has changed, except the rise in the number of Cancer patients. The United States government has released a report saying that cancer cases have reduced there, which is a reason to be cheerful. However, we can’t the same about our country.

There are factors here which we should be focussing on, and if we start working on them from this year then may be the number of cancer patients could fall in India.

Firstly, you have to understand that thinking of cancer as a genetic disease is a myth. In fact, only 5-15% cancer is caused due to some genetic problem. Cancer can also be familial, which means that multiple members of a family could be suffering from one type of cancer, mY be because of sharing the same lifestyle and food habits.

So the difference here is that if people in a family are following the same unhealthy lifestyle of having too much of deep fried, adulterated and fat inducing food, then it could be possible that if the mother develops breast cancer, the child could develop too. But this can’t be termed as genetical.Hence, there’s no need to be scared as you can’t fight cancer by fearing it.

So what we can do to fight cancer? We’ll have to make a few changes in our lifestyle. For eg. try keeping away your children from fast food, chocolate etc.

The kind of sugar chocolate contains is bad sugar; and why rush in life so much that you don’t have time to provide your children with home cooked food? Try making them eat at home and stop them from having fast food.

Besides, always make sure that you know the source of the ingredients of the product you are buying. This will help you determine a few important things like if the your product is adultrated, credentials if the company selling that particular product, if your bakery product really has the calories it claims and whether your product has FSSAI license or not. Looking for these standards while buying something is your right as a consumer and should exercise it.

Coming to women’s health, the cosmetics and the internal products used by them should be throughly checked for their quality. ‘Cheap’ and ‘Free’ are two words which doing a great of harm to our country. Never run for whatever is free and cheap and the standard of a product can’t be established by how free or cheap it is. Then there are many chemicals like plastic which can enter our bodies through cosmetic products and its accumulatiot can cause cancer.

By making little changes in your lives, you can protect yourself from cancer, which can be stopped so don’t think it’s a terminal disease. Just ensure your timely health check-up the moment you feel like having cancer-like symptoms.

Cancer has a rate of being detected very early in 10 out of 100 patients. So we have think about this positive aspect too. And if we all collectively make a resolve that we will start a campaign to fight cancer, believe me that even here the cancer rate will begin to fall in the next five years.

The only thing is required is your cooperation- start from your home!

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