Workout Essentials: Know Why You Must Wear Gloves While Weightlifting

The enjoyment of these activities should not be dampened by an injury or irritation such as abrasion

For some people, the gym is for the gains, while for some it is just a hobby. But despite the difference in reason, there is a common goal that people want to aim to achieve with their gym activities is the maximization of competence and obtaining physical and mental fitness.

Workouts like weight lifting require extensive use of your hands as you slide weight plates on and off, grasp barbells, move dumbbells, or swing kettlebells. The enjoyment of these activities should not be dampened by an injury or irritation such as abrasion. However, only a few people prefer equipping certain gym essentials as thought which is useful or convenient.

Therefore, often fitness experts recommend wearing gym gloves during weightlifting by fitness experts but we don’t always notice people wearing them. So in order to encourage people to wear the same, they must first be made aware of its importance.

“Carrying heavy loads on inexperienced hands can put pressure on the tendons in your fingers. Usually, the middle finger bears the brunt of the flexion and if the tendon becomes over-stressed, you may experience symptoms of tendonitis. These include swelling, pain, swelling, tenderness to the touch or the inability to move your finger. Wearing workout gloves gives extra support to your hands and fingers. Instead of making full contact with your fingers, gloves provide a protective barrier. Although gloves won’t give you the ability to lift heavy weights, weightlifting gloves protect your fingers from undue stress and help you gradually increase the weight load, “said Dr. Manjeeta Nath Das, Consultant- Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon.

Dr. Das explained, “Calluses are small rough spots on your hands that accumulate from friction. Friction during lifting occurs when the handle of the bar repeatedly rubs against your palms. Although calluses are not dangerous, if you continue to exercise without the protection of your hands, calluses can become painful, crack, or burst open. These injuries can delay your fitness progress because you will be unable to use proper form while lifting. Lifting gloves prevent the development of calluses by providing a layer of protection between your hands and rough workout bars. You don’t have to spend hours caring for calluses or waste energy worrying about spotting one. Instead, your mental focus can remain on your workout session.”

Fitness people use gym chalk to increase their grip and reduce sweating. However, many gyms discourage or forbid the use of gym chalk because it is difficult to clean. Also, some people are sensitive to breathing in chalk dust and may sneeze or cough if exposed to it, try a pair of gloves instead, he added.

Weightlifting gloves eliminate the need for chalk by absorbing sweat and supporting grip strength.

Lifting gloves provide stability for your hands and even add protection for your wrists.


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