#WomensDayWeek: ‘Men Yell At Me To Pluck My Unibrow And Moustache But I Think It’s a Blessing, Video Goes Viral

Facial hair is challenging ideals of beauty for women, a video of a girl goes viral who talks about this.

Well, women like to keep secrets and the secret can be shameful and full of darkness but among those secrets, one which is considered as a cruse is facial hair.

But what can be dismissed as insignificant is a source of deep anxiety that many women go through, but that’s what female facial hair is; a series of contradictions.

It’s common but yet is considered to be normal and natural for one gender mercurial for another.

The removal of facial hair is just as paradoxical – the pressure to do it is recognized by many women as a stupid social norm and yet they strictly follow it. Because these little whiskers represent the most basic rules of the patriarchy – to ignore them is to jeopardize your reputation, even your dignity.

Recently in a video, Eldina Jaganjac talks about this issue and the video goes viral, she says, “I’ve gotten many comments from men who say they don’t like how I look. I don’t remember asking them.”

Jaganjac doesn’t shave her facial hair and says it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

What causes beard in females?

Dr. DM Mahajan Sr Consultant Dermatologist, Apollo hospital, Delhi said, “ Beard in Females denotes that either there is excessive production of male hormone or testosterone in scientific language or androgen or due to abnormality in the adrenal cortex which produces corticosteroids and sex hormones.”

However, in many cases it is seen that the hormone level is normal but the receptors are overactive and this is commonly seen in PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease, he added.

What is facial hair a sign of?

“The first and foremost for women with facial hair is to get herself examined, get her endocrinological check-up done so that there is no obvious cause excessive production of androgens and there derogative which increase in the facial hair,” said Dr. Mahajan.

What can a woman do about facial hair?

“The only solution to get rid of them is cosmetical disfiguring. But along with this also treating the cause of the bread or the chin area is very important like, it is because of the excessive hormones then a sort of antidote should be given for that an electron or other medicines are prescribed for this,” said Dr. Mahajan.

Does plucking chin hair make it grow more?

Dr. Mahajan explains, “Plucking the chin hair doesn’t make it grow faster, to the contrary, it decreases amongst an injury and against injury the hair always shrunken and the rate of growth of the chin is always decreased. But with the repeated plucking the kind of hair which comes out is a thick one, so it is more obvious and noticeable.”

Suggest any tips or solution for getting rid of facial hair:

To get rid of facial hair many things are used, among which the hair removal laser has the highest results with the best promise. Other various modalities are used by the females are waxing, threading and electrolysis.

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