Women Empowerment – Post Me-too

Simone de Beauvoir once said, “One is not born but becomes a woman”, and it could more precisely depict the mood of our society today where women are not only asking but are fighting for their rights.

The wave of women empowerment and feminism which was becoming oblivious was rejuvenated again with the breeze of ‘Me too’ movement. The Term ‘Me too’ was first used by a social activist Tarana Burke in 2006, but the ‘me too movement’ had gone viral only in 2017 & has reached India in 2018.

The movement in which the women who were victims of sexual harassment or offense in any form were coming out naming the predator himself. The movement not only gave women a chance to get justice, but it gave confidence to other women also who were earlier too afraid to speak against injustice inferred to them. Today there is a wind of freedom and confidence beneath the wings of every woman who wants to leave the scar of discrimination behind and fly out towards her dreams.

The society is not perfect, and it can never be but the fact that the society is improving, it’s better than earlier is a step towards achievement. The damage done by thousands of years of patriarchy can’t be undone so easily, the efforts are still required, and the journey is still long.

The way to women empowerment lies in the empowered thoughts, redefined ideas, altered hierarchies and brown dogmas; society needs to be aware, educated and taught the importance of equality of both sexes. And in this evolutionary revolution women aren’t the only protagonist. Men need to support them too because only an equal society can be a better society.

Written by : Apurva Arora

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