Winter Care Tips During Pregnancy: Diet To Skin Care, 7 Things To Keep In Mind

Here are a few tips to manage this winter with pregnancy like taking the right kind of food, nutrients, maintaining hydration, skincare and appropriate clothing.

Dr.K.Birundha MBBS., DRCOG(UK)., MRCOG  (UK) Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Specialist in Infertility Kauvery Hospital, Bangalore

As winter is on we need to take extra care during pregnancy. Changes in the environment pose challenges like altered air humidity, low room temperature. Our basal metabolic rate increases to maintain our body temperature, immunity has to be strong enough to fight against getting febrile illnesses like the common cold, and recently covid infections. Here are a few tips to manage this winter with pregnancy like taking the right kind of food, nutrients, maintaining hydration, skincare and appropriate clothing.

Keep yourself well Hydrated:

The problem in winter is that you won’t feel thirsty which can lead to inadequate water intake. Dehydration can lead to urinary tract infection which is detrimental in pregnancy. Urinary tract infection in pregnancy can cause Preterm labour,low birth weight, foetal growth restriction Adequate amount of water intake is a must in pregnancy. Coffee, tea and carbonated drinks make you dehydrated and have it in limits. Warm drinks, Vegetable soups, warm milk are good choices.

Have a Healthy and Balanced Diet:

Iron rich foods like spinach, dates, Beetroot, Kiwi, pomegranate fruits are generally recommended. Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, Apple are good to improve your immunity level. Good immunity level is a must to fight against flu illnesses.Daily calory requirement is more in Winter to maintain our Body temperature. Lentils, egg, Milk, Meat, Fish are proteinaceous which should bea good part your daily calorie requirement.

Supplemental diet:

Apart from balanced diet daily intake of Vitamins, minerals, Micronutrients are needed in pregnancy. It helps in enhancing your immunity and good for foetal growth.

Look after your Skin:

Winter makes skin to loose it’s moisture and oiliness. Itchy skin and cracks in skin has to be avoided. Stretch marks in abdomen pregnancy will gets worse in winter and adequate care is needed. Using Skin moisturisers and olive oil will help.

Maintain your Hair:

Maintaining hair moisture and care is important during winter. Hair gets dry easily and hair loss a problem in Pregnancy. Selection of a Hair nourisher with natural ingredients and free from parabens or any such chemicals do harm in pregnancy. At the same time avoid hair colouring during pregnancy. Most of the colouring agents has chemicals like PPD (this allows colour to bond with hair shaft), Resorcinol, ammonia, parabens etc. These chemicals can get into your blood stream through hair follicle. They can cause serious problems like allergic reactions and birth defects. You have to take extra care in choosing any beauty products.

Wear warmer Clothing:

In winter your feet will get poor circulation and you may have cold feet and hands. This can lead to pain and swelling. You have to cover your feet with socks. When going outdoors use sweaters, shawl, ear muff to protect yourself from cold weather.

Fight against Covid in winter:

Viral infections are common during winter. Covid 19 infection is also common. Protect yourself from covid by following general precautions like social distancing, using masks and Hand sanitizers. Avoid attending any public gatherings like marriage, funeral, going to shopping mall. Covid Vaccination is recommended in pregnancy.This will reduce the severity of covid illness.

Winter is not all bad for pregnancy. Follow the tips and cherish the sweet moments of pregnancy with winter.

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