Why Is Peanut Butter So Popular Among Gym Going People?

It’s a good addition to the work out meals which may aid muscle growth and recovery &to increase overall body mass

A tasty creamy paste best enjoyed with bread, or chapati by more desi people, peanut butter has become a staple for most bodybuilders in the West for years.

They are most often consumed roasted or as peanut butter. Other peanut products include peanut oil, flour, and protein.

Ms. Beena Arora, Chief Dietician, Dr. Peters’ Team at Institute of Bariatric, Minimal Access & General Surgery shared her insights on this topic with the readers of HealthWire Media and explained:

Why peanut butter is so popular among gym going people

Ms. Beena said, “Peanut butter is popular among gym going people as it is an easy option to fulfil their high energy and protein demands. It is easily available at food stores, and can be consumed as a spread in sandwiches and rolls. It can be added into smoothies and milk shakes or can be relished as topping over desserts. Peanut butter doesn’t contain cholesterol and trans-fats, which makes it a healthy option in place of regular butter.”

Is peanut butter a good option for body-builders?

According to Ms. Arora, peanut butter contains 28 – 30 g of protein, 25 to 30g carbohydrate, 45 to 50g total fat and 550 – 600 Kcal per 100g, depending upon different brands. Due to its high calorie and carbohydrate content, it serves well as pre-workout meal, and if consumed post-workout, the high protein content helps in muscle recovery.

It’s a good addition to the work out meals which may aid muscle growth and recovery.

What is the difference between Good vs. bad peanut butter?

“Before buying peanut butter, always read the food label given on the pack, to make sure you are buying a “healthy one”. All peanut butter is manufactured by adding hydrogenated fat in it to prevent separation of peanut oil. Sodium chloride or salt is also added at 2% level for taste. Anything more than these limits or presence of “added sugar” to enhance the taste, should be considered as  “bad or unhealthy peanut butter,” said Ms. Arora.

Ms. Arora said, usually more than 5% of added hydrogenated vegetable fat is done to enhance the taste, and to maintain the smooth, extra creamy, semi-liquid texture at room temperature. It contains high trans-fats, which increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other health complications.

On the other hand, “Good or healthy peanut butter” does not contain added sugar, as it has less than 5% hydrogenated oils, is trans-fat and cholesterol free and salt is added at less than 2% level.

Benefits of Peanut Butter for Bodybuilders:

  • Peanut butter has several health benefits for bodybuilders if consumed in moderation.
  • It is packed with all macro-nutrients, and also has several micro-nutrients.
  • It is cheaper than expensive protein supplements.
  • It is a compact, easy to carry food, can be a healthy part of your “on the go meals or tiffin”
  • It can be consumed in different forms or with different foods like rolls, as spread, as an accompaniment or topping on different recipes which makes it versatile.

Health benefits of Peanut butter

Besides being a rich source of protein, “peanut butter also contains a long list of essential micronutrients such as “fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E), which are good for eyesight, bone health and healthy skin and water soluble vitamins (vitamin B3 and B6) required for cellular energy production, DNA repair and healthy nervous system and minerals like calcium and iron needed to prevent osteoporosis and anaemia. It is rich in antioxidants flavonol and resveratrol land healthy fats (MUFA & PUFA) which helps in prevention of heart disease and several types of cancers”, says Ms. Arora.

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