WHO Praises PM Modi Efforts Over Coronavirus Response

"Bringing that diligence, discipline and vigour into their response to the vaccination campaign, we have seen it's been so successful. Around six million were vaccinated in 22 days." WHO representative Dr Roderico Ofrin said.

Lauding India’s efforts to combat COVID-19, World Health Organization (WHO) country representative Dr Roderico Ofrin praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making it a Jan Andolan.

“The access, affordability and the speed which you get the result of the test, communicating and engaging with the community to be able to do COVID-19 appropriate behaviours– it was all on the call of Prime Minister, the Jan Andolan,” Dr Ofrin told ANI.

The representative of the WHO country also said the Government of India should be proud of the resilience displayed during the pandemic.

“Considering the magnitude of the population, 1.3 billion, 37 states and UTs, 770 districts and multiply the key public health actions into that for that government of India has to be very proud of,” he added.

Dr Ofrin further remarked the vaccination drive by the country is successful.

“Bringing diligence and disciplined response to vaccination is another area of responsibility. We see that it has been successful as six million have been vaccinated and it is the fastest rate of vaccination happening,” he said.

India has recently become the fastest country to vaccinate six million recipients against COVID-19, the Union Ministry of Health reported on Monday. Although it took the United States 26 days to achieve this mark, it took the United Kingdom 46 days, India accomplished the feat in the fastest 24 days.

“We have already seen that they (virus) are smart and mutate and manage to adapt like human beings. We should be able to live with the virus managing these risks. Knowing what we know about COVID-19 and know that key basic intervention that all of us can do I call it 3 Ws– wear a mask, wash your hands and watch out the distance especially in crowds– then you are able to stop transmission,” Dr Ofrin said about the nature of the virus.

The representative of the WHO called India as a respondent and a resource for their world, especially in vaccinations, and as he calls “a prepared India is a prepared world.” information can be shared with the globe.

“It is an approach to society as a whole and India is now a response and a resource, especially for vaccination. That knowledge can be shared with the world and we can think of the ancient Vedic philosophy of ” Sarve Santu Nirmaya ” which allows everything to be healthy and is a prepared world for a prepared India,” said Dr Ofrin.

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