Ways How Healing Impact Your Mental Wellness

The word healing inspires a warm and positive light on its mention. It gives a sense of relaxation and lightness, like everything in life is right, and that the hardships are finally over.

Ms. Beena Gupta, founder of Ojas, A certified Pranic Healer and Trainer with almost 20 years of vast experience.

The word healing inspires a warm and positive light on its mention. It gives a sense of relaxation and lightness, like everything in life is right, and that the hardships are finally over. However, the feeling it inspires is not necessarily true to or applicable in the practical process of healing.

In reality, the process of healing is often confusing and hard. Sometimes it may even feel like one’s world is coming apart. In such a circumstance, it is easy to get hopeless and feel like giving up. However, one must remember that sometimes the world as we know it has to come apart to broaden our horizons and introduce us to a new, bigger, and better world. And in order to be a part of this improved horizon, we have to go through the difficult journey.

As important as it is to take and victor this complex path, it is not necessary for you to do so without any help. In tough situations of life, we often fancy some support for us to lean on. This support can be found in the age-old wisdom of Pranic healing.

The word Pranic is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Prana’ meaning life force or energy. Thus, Pranic healing refers to the healing of energy or life force. The foundational belief of Pranic healing is that the human body has a natural ability to cure itself. Thus, Pranic healing is solely energy-based and works towards quickening the instinctive healing processes of the human body. The methods used involving healing the body by cleansing the bodily energy or aura of a person. Another aspect of healing is to form a connection with one’s true self. It is considered that by reconnecting to who you truly are, you can be healed.

The ancient scriptures and teachings have been preaching the importance of protecting, healing, and balancing energies for generations now. In recent times, even science has come forward and accepted the importance of energies, thus spurring the awareness of the masses in this direction.

Some of the methods that can be used to heal your energy are listed as follows-

  • Psychological therapy- It involves bringing out pent-up emotions and negative energies through dialogue. Sometimes, emotions and energies that are not suitably processed embed themself in a person’s mind and body. These repressed sentiments, if not treated, can manifest themselves into physical as well as mental problems. Through open dialogue in psychological therapy, these feelings can be surfaced and brought out into the open. Once out, all physical and mental issues created by these negative emotions/energy heal independently.
  • Regression- This involves going through events of a person’s past that may be creating difficulties or problematic patterns in a person’s present. Similar to therapy, once the events are discussed in open and in-depth, their consequent physical and mental blockages are cleared. This can prove beneficial in breaking out of bad habits, setting boundaries, and enhancing confidence.
  • Spirituality- Almost everybody has their personalized meaning associated with the word spirituality. In a broader sense, it means being connected to the human spirit. The path of spirituality is tedious and long but once found, it can spell drastic changes in one’s mental health. Spirituality allows a person to feel a sense of purpose, hope, and faith, which has massive impacts on calming anxiety and depression that are often characterized by the lack of these feelings. It can also contribute significantly towards improving the self-image and confidence of a person.
  • Mindfulness- Mindfulness refers to being fully present, physically and mentally, in the present moment. Simple as it sounds, it is actually quite a task for most people in today’s stressful times. Mindfulness, by bringing all of our attention to simply being in the present, saves us a lot of stress and anxiety. With the reduction in levels of stress and anxiety, both physical, and mental health of an individual improves.
  • Hypnotherapy- It refers to a form of therapy that relies on techniques of hypnosis to change the problematic core beliefs of an individual. It can help rewire a person’s brain to be more positive and hopeful. Sleep hypnosis is a form of hypnotherapy in which a person’s mind is rewired for the better while they are sleeping. As the subconscious mind gets reprogrammed, blockages are removed, and mental health is restored to an optimum.
  • Yoga and Meditation- Yoga and meditation are some of the oldest and most popular means to achieve peace and wellness. By making one be present in their body and mind, yoga and meditation help promote mindfulness. Additionally, most practices of yoga and meditation involve breathwork which can help refresh the mind and alleviate stress and tension. The benefits of these practices are endless and include better sleep, a calmer outlook, and reduced measures of mental illnesses.

Pranic Healing offers a specialized technique called Pranic Psychotherapy to deal with mental and emotional health. It is based on the premise that psychological ailments are basically the result of accumulation of negative thoughts, emotions and traumatic experiences, which are lodged in the Auras and Chakras. Pranic Psychotherapy offers the tools to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns. The result will be peaceful emotions, harmonizing relationships, positive thinking patterns and good self-esteem.

Pranic Psychotherapy gives knowledge and tools to deal with mental and emotional issues such as stress, depression, phobia and anger. It teaches how to cleanse and heal chakras (aka the energy centres in the body), purge negative thoughts and repair the cracks in one’s aura.

The bottom line

In today’s world of competition and exhaustion, it is very easy to harbor feelings of being stuck and overwhelmed. However, it is also critical to know that such feelings need to be processed timely and frequently in a healthy manner, failing to do which can lead to more drastic consequences at both physical and mental levels. A good way to consistently be aware of and in alignment with our true, higher self, is to rely on the ancient pranic wisdom. Through regular practice of the teachings, one can attain true peace and mental wellness, even in a loud and chaotic world.

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