Want To Get Rid Of Period Rashes? Try Out These 5 Simple Ways To Prevent Them

Periods are indubitably annoying and its monthly occurrence is even more annoying.

Well, periods come with a bunch of problems and the most common among them is the period rash. There isn’t a single woman who hasn’t suffered from period rashes but the truth is that they’re very avoidable.

For that all you need to do is to make some minor changes while periods to minimize and prevent the development of period rashes.

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Here are five simple tips that you can do for a comfortable period:

Try to change your pad frequently

Do you wear the same pad for an entire day? Well, it is suggested not to do that. Wearing the same pad for all day long is not at all good for your health and it contributes to period rashes as well.

Therefore, try changing your pad frequently and make it your priority if you are aiming to get rid of rashes.

Consider the alternatives

Always consider the alternatives along with sanitary napkins as these napkins are the main cause of the period rashes. So you can replace your sanitary napkins with the other products like tampons or a menstrual cup.

Or else you can also switch to a brand that is made entirely of cotton than the fabric materials.

Wear the right underwear

During periods always make sure you are wearing cotton underwear. This is to make sure that you are not sweating too much and it allows you skin to breathe.

When there is proper ventilation, no moisture can build up and there’s a lesser chance of developing rashes down there.

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Use talcum powder

Mild Talcum powder or even baby powder help in decreasing the friction and can decrease the risk of getting rashes.

It helps in absorbing extra moisture and keeps the area dry. Hence, try using talcum powder down there to get rid of those painful rashes!

Maintain proper hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is not only important during the times of period but also should be done on a regular basis to lead a healthy life.

Therefore washing the vaginal area with warm water every few hours is enough to get rid of the infection-causing bacteria.

Proper hygiene during that time will not only keep you comfortable but also clean.

So ladies, try these tricks to keep period rashes at bay!

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