Voice Assistants: Apollo Hospitals Launches Ask Apollo App

Apollo Hospitals has launched Amazon Alexa Skill-Ask Apollo which will help patients book appointment with doctors using simple voice commands. With this, Apollo Hospitals has become the first and largest healthcare group in India to power voice-assisted hospital search and appointment booking.

Alexa Skills Kit was launched by Amazon in April 2019.

Through this kit, Amazon aims to make it easier for customers to manage their healthcare needs using just their voice.

About the Ask Apollo App
  • It is a voice-based app, developed by MobiSprint Consulting
  • It brings more than 3,500 super-specialty and multi-specialty doctors at 72 Apollo Hospitals on single platform.
  • It provides patients freedom to choose their preferred doctor from their preferred Apollo clinics
  • Users can also access 3,500 Apollo Pharmacies.
  • Once enabled, the app would allow users to interact with Apollo Hospitals using voice commands on all Echo range of devices. It can be accessed via the Alexa app available on iOS and Android.
Applying Voice and AI to Health
  • Applying voice and AI to health is becoming a global trend. You must be familiar with Siri, Alexa or Cortana voice assistants from Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, respectively.
  • Voice assistants use a natural language interface in order to communicate primarily through speech. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, do not necessarily have a voice interface.
  • Voice technology needs to be efficient enough to recognize and analyze medical jargon in order to be useful in a healthcare application.
  • Voice assistants help bot: doctors and patients. It enables doctors to patient notes, process data, and access records. It enables patients to get 24-hour care. Patients can also get care on demand services.
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