vHealth By Aetna Launches CoVcare Health Packages For Covid Management

The comprehensive packages under CoVcare line cover all aspects of clinical, psychological, nutritional guidance along with diagnostic tests needed by a COVID impacted patient

vHealth by Aetna has introduced a special comprehensive COVID care product CoVcare which includes a range of packages that are required by a COVID impacted patient as per the stage of infection and its recovery. CoVcare packages have been designed by our international team of vHealth doctors based on updated clinical protocols and their experience of advising Covid-19 patients. These packages provide all aspects of support at home required by a covid infected person including clinical, psychological and nutritional guidance, diagnostic tests and ordering medicines online by using the vHealth ecosystem which provides at the doorstep service.

The packages are vHealth CoVcare RTPCR, vHealth CoVcare Home Monitoring Plan, vHealth CoVcare Recovery Plan and vHealth CoVcare Comprehensive Plan. CoVcare packages comprise of different benefit combos across prognosis requirements like online consultation with vHealth in-house doctors, RT-PCR to check Covid infection, blood test profile to understand the extent of inflammation in the body and psychological & dietary guidance to aid recovery from Covid at home. These packages are available on the vHealth.io website and vHealth India mobile application for anyone to avail. Using CoVcare packages, members can save up to 30% on out of pocket expenses that a Covid patient would usually spend if they avail these services individually.

Talking about the CoVcare package, Anurag Khosla, CEO of Aetna India, said “The two Covid waves have jolted India’s healthcare infrastructure. It has forced not just policy makers but also the healthcare industry to augment their capacity and invest in new models of healthcare delivery providing both preventive and primary care to minimize the impact of any further Covid waves. vHealth CoVcare packages bundle the power of telemedicine and our partner network to provide expert medical guidance for successfully treating Covid at home. Not everyone requires hospitalization if infected with Covid. Most of the people can recover at home and manage their health condition if they get the right consultation and other support well in time.”

“Our CoVcare packages are designed keeping all the clinical protocols and medical advisories into consideration to assist the patient having mild to serious infection. Through our network of healthcare partners, hospitals and labs we can provide access to vHealth services pan India. We are sure that our CoVcare packages will further assist people in fighting this deadly disease” he added.

When the country was grappling under the second wave, which claimed thousands of lives, vHealth has been providing virtual doctor consultation services to ensure that people have access to quality healthcare during the COVID-19 outbreak. vHealth by Aetna offers a broad suite of health services and solutions focusing on preventive, primary & behavioral wellness services. Its ecosystem includes in-house physicians, psychologists and dieticians in addition to a physical provider network of hospitals, diagnostic labs, dental services and pharmacies. Currently, vHealth is serving over 3.4 million members across India.

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