Vestige Launches ‘Her Own Capsules’ For Women On International Women’s Day

Vestige is launching these capsules to give her even more power.

Vestige Marketing Ltd, India’s only home-grown direct selling brand, has announced the launch of Vestige Her Own Capsules, a daily health supplement, to fulfil the nutritional requirement of women. Today’s women are contributing in every field and they are strong. Vestige is launching these capsules to give her even more power. The multiple benefits of this nutritional supplement include enhancement of vitality, daily wellbeing, prevention of fatigue, relief from tiredness and irritation, reduction in mood swings and anxiety, managing PMS as well as reduction of hot flashes and night sweat. This is the one stop solution for enhancing the daily health and wellbeing of today’s women.

A woman’s nutritional requirements differ significantly from those of a male. Vestige has blended 36 important ingredients for a woman’s health, which has a mix of natural extracts, amino acids, multivitamins and minerals. It contains a significant amount of Evening Primrose Oil and Ginkgo Biloba which are missing in many over the counter brands.

On the launch, Mr. Gautam Bali, Managing Director, Vestige Marketing Ltd., said, “A woman plays innumerable roles every day, and in today’s fast-paced life, she often lets her health take a backseat. Acknowledging the real-time hero in women and the tireless effort they put in every day, Vestige has come up with ‘Her Own Capsules’, a product that is especially made to support their health requirements.

“At Vestige we have a large number of women distributors who have strived to carve out the path of economic independence and have proven to be an asset not only for the company, but to themselves and their families too. The launch of this product on this International Women’s Day will not only help in strengthening their business but also their own health. Just one capsule a day fulfils all the nutritional needs of a woman’s body.”, he added.

Easy to take in a capsule form Vestige – Her Own Capsules are effective in treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, such as: depression, irritability and bloating. They also help in reducing breast pain, acne and eczema. These capsules are recommended for women who need nutritional supplementation, daily vitality, high energy, and hormonal support.

Priced at very affordable MRP of Rs 460, Vestige Her Own Capsules will be available for Vestige distributors online and at offline locations from 8th March, 2022 onwards.

About Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd : Founded in 2004, Vestige is one of the leading direct selling companies in India. It offers a portfolio of 300+ products across wellness, health, hygiene, home, and beauty segments through 3500+ distribution points across India, and a business presence in six international markets including India, i.e., Bahrain, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and the UAE. Vestige is ranked number 36 in the 2021 DSN Global 100 List, the prestigious global ranking for direct selling companies. The company is run by veteran leaders who have pioneered an indigenous and unique business model which is revolutionising the direct selling industry.



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