Urologist At Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Successfully Removes Massive Tumor Of 35cm In Length And 17cm In Breadth

A middle-aged woman who experienced a gynecological problem was physically examined by her gynecologist.

A middle-aged woman who experienced a gynecological problem was physically examined by her gynecologist. After evaluating her condition, she was referred to get an abdominal ultrasound which demonstrated a large abdominal mass on the left side of the abdomen. The lesion was so huge that it occupied almost two-thirds of her abdomen, covering the maximum area around the left kidney, intestines and major blood vessels.

The lady was then referred to the Consultant Urologist and Robotic Surgeon Dr Vipin Tyagi, at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. After evaluating her condition, Dr Tyagi asked the patient to get some additional tests that included a CT Scan of the abdomen and biopsy, to further characterize the mass.

“As suspected, the lesion turned out to be a cancerous tumor. The challenging case was one-of-its-kind where firstly, the patient was asymptomatic and secondly, the origin of the tumor was still not known,” said Dr Vipin Tyagi.

Although complicated, the patient required immediate surgical intervention. “In this case, even we were not sure of the outcome because the surgery could have proved life-threatening for the patient. So, to begin with, we psychologically prepared the patient and counseled her who was convinced and showed immense faith in us,” said Dr Tyagi.

Based on the size of tumor, the multidisciplinary team comprised of a Gastrointestinal Surgeon and a Urologist chose to opt for the conventional surgery. “Though benefits of the minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries are well established in the treatment and management of kidney tumors, here the size of the tumor was a limitation. Therefore, with the help of an incision on the abdomen, we successfully managed to remove the tumor that weighed nothing less than 3.35kg.”

According to Dr Tyagi, it was Gastrointestinal Surgeon Dr Tarun Mittal who helped to move the intestine away from the tumor. “Moving intestine away from the tumor had made the exposure of the tumor better.  As a result, we managed to salvage all the major organs around the tumor that included intestines, spleen, pancreas and the blood vessels,” he informed.

Only the left kidney, which was also the origin point of the tumor had to be removed. “The massive tumor removed during the surgery was 30 cm in length and 17 cm in breadth. And because we could remove the tumor completely, the patient may not even require any further cancer therapy.”

Dr Tyagi further added that except minor discomfort which will resolve quickly and easily in the days to come, the patient is absolutely normal. She is eating well and is on her way to recovery.


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