Yami Gautam Opens Up On Suffering From ‘Keratosis Pilaris’: 6 Actresses Who Boldly Spoke About Their Skin Problems

Celebrity skin always looks so perfect, but don’t be fooled by them, as they also have to go through various skin problems which they generally do not want to get into the spotlight.

Celebrity skin always looks so perfect, but don’t be fooled by them, as they also have to go through various skin problems which they generally do not want to get into the spotlight. Problems such as acne breakout, zits and clogged pores and even colour complexion are a matter of concern for many. However, breaking the barriers to the prejudiced notion about flawless skin, here are six actresses who have spoken openly about skin related problems, making these issues absolutely normal.

They have not simply spoken about their skin issues but have also shared their no make-up photographs on social media. Take a look at these six actresses:

Yami Gautam:

Among them is Yami Gautam who has recently opened up about a skin issue that she had been undergoing since her teenage days. Here is a look at six actresses who have spoken up about their skin problems.

The ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ actress, Yami Gautam has recently addressed her skin problem. Taking to her Instagram handle, Yami Gautam shared that she has a skin disorder called ‘Keratosis pilaris’. She said that she has had this problem since her teenage days, as well as she said that there is no cure for it. The ‘Bhoot Police’ actress also shared a few unedited photographs of her on social media which show small red spots on Yami’s shoulder.

Selena Gomez:

For Selena Gomez Acne has been a major issue. Once in an interview she mentioned that she gets a lot of acne in the T-zone of her face. She said that it happens mostly when she is worried or becomes lazy with her routine. Because that, Selena Gomez takes her skin-care routine very seriously now. She says that it is not just the mind and soul that one needs to focus on, but also on their body as everything is interconnected with each other.

Emma Stone:

Another Hollywood actress who addressed a skin issue is Emma Stone. The Hollywood beauty once said that she fought a long battle with her hormonal acne. She was hardly 17 when a dreadful Accutane broke for over two months. It continued till she turned 20; at that time, she was shooting for ’Easy A’. Emma Stone said that her blemished had to be “video-airbrushed”.

Sonam Kapoor:

Bollywood beauty diva Sonam Kapoor few years an ago had shared a picture on her Instagram account addressing her colour complexion. While she was undergoing a hair and make-up session when she clicked a picture of herself and posted it. In the caption of the picture, she wrote about how even she needs colour correction too.

Sameera Reddy:

Sameera Reddy is one of those Bollywood actresses who is known for breaking the preconceived notion about women health problems, Sameera once shared a video of her without any make-up and flaunting her grey hair.

She wrote a long post saying that she has accepted herself (ageing gracefully) and hopes that other women too Being an actress, Sameera made sure to put across the communication that having slate hair or a no make-up face that shows ageing is absolutely normal and the right thing to do.

Sonalee Kulkarni:

In the time 2020, Sonalee Kulkarni participated a post-workout selfie, addressing her acne struggles. Indra Kumar’s‘Grand Masti’actress said that formerly a person begins to embrace themselves, they start having control over their difficulties. In the post, she further said that it’s okay to have scars on one’s face, and it’s also impeccably each right to not cover them.

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