Too much consumption of ginger can aggravate bleeding problems.

Too Much Ginger Can Have Several Serious Side Effects: All You Need To Know

“Ginger: A Common Household Spice with Flavorful Benefits and Potential Side Effects”

There are some spices that can be very easily found in Indian households. One such spice is ginger. It is famous for its amazing flavour and is an essential part of household ingredients. Many people would refuse to have tea if ginger is not used in making it. Apart from being used in tea, vegetable, and other food items, ginger is often used as a traditional remedy. We have been listening about its benefits from our parents and grandparents. Some of the well-known benefits of ginger are that it can cure coughs, beat nausea, inflammation, morning sickness and provide relief during periods. While most of us consider ginger as a boon for humanity, there are certain side effects of it that can make it a bane too.

Yes, you heard it right. There are several side effects of ginger if eaten in large quantities. Going overboard with its consumption can lead to several health issues. Let’s have a look at some of them

Can lead to diarrhea
Overeating ginger can lead to diarrhea. It can accelerate the passage of food and stool via the intestines. They can make you feel weak. So be very careful when you plan to add ginger to the diet. Ideally, one should consult an expert about the quantity in which you need to eat it.

Causes heartburn
If you are having a heartburn issue, the first thing you should do is stop adding too much ginger to the diet. Ginger impacts the upper digestive system and makes you feel bloated and gassy, along with heartburn. Do visit a doctor if you notice regular heartburn issues.

Induce bleeding
Too much consumption of ginger can aggravate bleeding problems. Most people don’t know that ginger has antiplatelet (blood-thinning) properties and therefore could cause bleeding.

Upset stomach
Ginger tends to stimulate the secretion of bile, which aids in digestion. But if consumed empty stomach, it can cause digestive distress and an upset stomach. The gingerol that is present in ginger irritates the stomach lining, by making it produce more acid. Thus, there will be abdominal distress.

Mouth irritation
It can also cause oral allergy syndrome. There are several people who are allergic to ginger. Such people may face mouth swelling, irritation, or even pain after consuming ginger. Therefore you need to check if you too are allergic to it.

Excess of anything can be harmful to health. Now that you know the side effects of ginger, it’s best to eat it in moderation.

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