MediBuddy Partners With Myntra, Flipkart And Paytm For Healthy Wellbeing

Through this partnership, MediBuddy shall offer 60+ health tests at discounted prices. Keeping wellbeing a priority, the package will include basic tests that aid in the overall assessment of ailments related to Heart, Liver, kidney, Urinary tract infections, Diabetes, etc, and much more.

These tests will also help examine the body functionality, spot unhealthy lifestyle, and create awareness of any risk of grave and common diseases.
These tests will also help examine the body functionality, spot unhealthy lifestyle, and create awareness of any risk of grave and common diseases.

India’s Trusted Entities Collaborate with MediBuddy to Offer Discounted Health Tests

In an effort to prioritize the physical wellbeing of the general public, several trusted entities in India have joined forces with MediBuddy, the country’s leading teleconsultation platform. This collaboration aims to offer discounted health tests, ensuring that individuals can access essential healthcare services at affordable prices.

Recognizing the importance of public health initiatives, entities like Myntra, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Flipkart, Paytm, and MobiKwik have taken proactive steps to promote the wellbeing of their customers. By partnering with MediBuddy, these organizations demonstrate their commitment to providing accessible and affordable healthcare options to a wide range of individuals.

The partnership between these entities and MediBuddy brings forth a comprehensive range of health tests that facilitate an overall assessment of various ailments. These tests cover vital areas such as heart health, liver function, kidney function, urinary tract infections, diabetes, and more. By availing these tests, individuals can gain valuable insights into their body’s functionality, identify unhealthy lifestyle patterns, and raise awareness about potential risks and common diseases.

Promoting Public Wellbeing and Affordable Healthcare Access

The health tests offered through this collaboration are divided into different categories to cater to specific needs. The package includes 25 tests for complete blood count, 20 tests for complete urine examination, 6 tests to evaluate kidney functioning, and 9 other general serum tests. This diversified approach ensures that individuals receive a comprehensive evaluation of their health status.

As public health takes center stage, organizations are increasingly taking initiatives to promote health and wellness among their customers. MediBuddy, a pioneer in accelerating digital healthcare, consistently supports such companies that prioritize the importance of health. With their commitment to quality healthcare services, MediBuddy aims to make a significant impact on the overall wellbeing of individuals across India.

Satish Kannan, CEO, and Co-founder of MediBuddy, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At MediBuddy, our mission is to provide maximum healthcare benefits at a minimum cost, thereby upholding the trust of our users. We are pleased to offer this discounted health test package to some of India’s most distinguished platforms and look forward to assisting every Indian by providing quality healthcare services to all.”

MediBuddy, India’s leading full-stack digital healthcare platform, has revolutionized access to healthcare services for patients. With its user-friendly interface, individuals can easily access a wide range of healthcare services anytime, anywhere. The platform also partners with leading corporate customers, enabling their employees to avail themselves of comprehensive healthcare benefits. By meeting the diverse healthcare needs of its users, MediBuddy aims to establish strong bonds and exceed expectations.

The collaboration between MediBuddy and renowned entities like Myntra, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Flipkart, Paytm, and MobiKwik signifies a significant step forward in promoting public wellbeing and accessible healthcare. By offering discounted health tests, this partnership ensures that individuals can prioritize their health without financial burden. With MediBuddy’s commitment to digital healthcare and its widespread reach, it aims to make a lasting impact on the overall health and wellness of the Indian population.

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