Trump’s Visit To India: What Is In Store For India’s Healthcare Sector?

Will PM Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump talk about healthcare when they sit down for official talks on Tuesday?

US President Donald Trump will begin his maiden trip to India on Monday, becoming the seventh American president to visit the country. During his two-day stay, he will visit three cities in India: the national capital, Delhi; Agra, where he will see the Taj Mahal; and Ahmedabad, the main city in the western state of Gujarat, where he is expected to address an audience of more than 100,000 people in an event aptly called “Namaste Trump”.

It is expected that the two countries will sign few agreements concerning healthcare sector. At least two agreements are being talked about.

One MoU that is being talked about is regarding mental and emotional well-being. Another MoU on strengthening cooperation in the generic medicine regime is also expected to be signed.

The first MoU is expected to allow India to learn from US’ experience in a field marked by a serious lack of understanding here. It is also expected to facilitate a greater access for Indian traditional therapies and medicines to the large US market.

On generic medicines, while US is home to one of the largest markets in the world, India is a large producer of generic drugs. The MoU is expected to allow India to learn from one of the most sophisticated and advanced regimes on food and drug protocols and, as a source said, improve access for India’s generics in the US market as well benefit Indian consumers by ensuring higher standards of generic drug compliance.

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