Tri-Color Recipe Week: How to Make Vitamin-C Rich Coconut Rice Pudding

Ayesha Nallaseth

New Delhi, January 26: The occassion of Republic Day ignites the feeling of patriotism in every Indian. Most families cozy up together early in the morning and switch on the television to watch the Republic Day parade.

Most often than not, families cook-up a feast of a breakfast and enjoy the morning meal with the visual treat put together by different states, Govt. departments and our security forces. While you enjoy this national festival with your family, why not add a hint of tri-colour in your meal this Republic Day.

Tupperware India brings to you some easy and healthy tri-colour recipes that will not only take care of your wellness quotient and appetite but also add to your patriotic celebrations like never before.

Starting from Republic Day, Healthwire will share one recipe with its readers everyday through this week.

Recipe 1

Tri Colour Coconut Rice pudding. Portions 4


1 Orange + 1 Kiwi
Rice pudding
½ Tropical Cup Rice + 2 tropical cup Coconut Milk + 1 tropical cup Water + 8 tbsp Sugar / jaggery + 4 tbsp Freshly chopped coconut + ½ tsp Cardamom powder + ½ tsp Vanilla Essence


-Wash the rice in running water
In the Inspire Saucepan heat 1 tropical cup of water and 1 tropical cup of coconut milk.

-Add rice and sugar/ jaggery to the coconut milk and simmer for 10 mins.
Keep stirring until the rice is completely cooked and the milk has evaporated.

-Add cardamom powder and vanilla essence remove from heat and allow it to cool. Then add the freshly grated coconut.
In a serving cup, place diced kiwi at the bottom, top it with the coconut rice and garnish with fresh oranges.

-Chill and serve immediately.

Health benefit

Kiwi and orange are a great start of Vitamin C and amazing pick me ups in the morning. Coconut is widely known for its nutrition value and disease fighting anti-oxidants, it promotes blood sugar regulation and keeps your gut healthy. The recipe can be created with jaggery for calorie conscious / diabetic individuals.

(The writer is a Chef and Culinary Product Specialist, Tupperware India)

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