Tragic: Cricketer Dies Following A Heart Attack While Batting In Pune

Police informed that a 47-year old, identified as Babu Nalawade died following a heart attack while playing cricket in Pune’s Junnar tehsil.

A cricketer died during a local cricket tournament in Junnar city after suffering a heart attack.

When he unexpectedly collapsed after suffering a heart attack, the batsman was at the non-striker end. The unidentified player was waiting for the bowler to bowl his next delivery while standing at the non-end.

Before he fainted unexpectedly and breathed his last on the cricket field, the deceased player also had a brief talk with the match umpire and his batting partner. The batsman was at the non-striker end.

The batsman at the non-striker end asked about the number of balls left in the over with the match umpire after the end of the delivery. The batsman then suffered a loss of consciousness in an unfortunate turn of events and fell on the pitch.

In another tragic incident, a 25-year-old man lost his life while playing the gentlemen’s game in January this year. Raman Gaikwad unexpectedly collapsed on the ground in Maharashtra, as per the report.

Local authorities claimed the deceased had been pronounced dead at a hospital. It was believed that cardiac arrest was the reason behind the death of Gaikwad at that time. The study added that a case of accidental death was reported in the aftermath of the death of Gaikwad.

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