Toxic TV Debates May Lead To Sudden Cardiac Arrest

TV High-decibel debates, personal attacks, demonizing, and targeting individuals as well as communities, apart from spreading poison in society may lead to stress and heart problems.

Certain irregular heart rhythms put people at high risk for sudden death. Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurs without warning when the heart unexpectedly stops beating. The unpredictable nature of these arrhythmias has posed a major challenge in preventing sudden cardiac death

An argument, heated debate, and frustration can trigger abnormal heart rhythms that may lead to sudden death.

Sensational and aggressive style of debates that have become the norm on TV news channels have consequences for the mental health of the anchors, the spokespersons, and the audience as well.

High-decibel debates not just lead to acrimonious discussions but it also results in personal attacks, demonizing and targeting individuals as well as communities, apart from spreading poison in the society.

The death of Congress spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi due to a cardiac arrest following a TV show debate has raised questions on the “toxic” newsroom culture across the country.

Senior Congress leader Randeep Surjewala has raised a question on the toxic media culture, asking “For how long will toxic debates and poisonous spokespersons cost the lives of patient and moderate voices?”

“We need to cool tempers, we need more civilized debates. We witness various cases where a very heated argument can lead a very stable person unstable because of a variety of reasons”, said DR. Harinder K. Bali.

“We need more calming personalities, we need personalities like Vivekanada, Nelson Mandela. People should have a routine of relaxing their bodies with yoga and exercise. Human beings need to be more tolerant of each other, cohabitate well that is what is the need of the hour,” Dr. Bali added.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Suri said, “As far as I am concerned I have lost my faith in these TV channels. They all have the agendas they thrive on provoking people to launch personal attacks on each other. Anybody who is agitated will have a surge of hormones in the body and there’s definitely a high risk if you are provoked.”

“The stress of any kind will have an ill effect on your heart. Pandemic times have made us realize how precious life is, so one should avoid negativity, stress, and all types of debate which can provoke anger, stress,” said Dr. Vanita Arora.

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The best way to prevent sudden cardiac arrest

Exercise makes your heart stronger. This helps it pump more blood with each heartbeat. This delivers more oxygen to your body. With more oxygen, your body functions more efficiently. Try to exercise to 30 minutes 4 to 6 times a week.

When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, seconds and minutes can make a difference between life and death. Call the emergency ambulance and come back to the patient, check for signs of life, and if there are none, give CPR. By performing Hands-Only CPR you can double the victim’s chance of survival.

Cardiac arrest may be reversed if a defibrillator is used to shock the heart and restore the heart rhythm within a few minutes.

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