Top 10 Relaxing Techniques To Reduce Stress

Manisha Dhingra

Everyone in this world goes through stress. It is a part of our life that we cannot just ignore. What we can do is find a way to accept our stress and be prepared for it.

Here we are sharing top 10 relaxing techniques:

Deep Breathing

Taking deep breaths is the most instant and natural way to relax. It is a scientific method to reduce stress. Deep breathing technique instantly increases oxygen supply in our brain, and also calms our mind. It can be done anywhere and at any time. A better way is to take out 15-20 minute every day and breathe deeply. It is a form of meditation. Don’t wait for the stress to take over your mind. Be prepared for the situation by taking personal time off every day to just breath and relax.


Meditation is another easy method of relaxing. There is not one but many ways to do it. There is no correct or incorrect form of meditating. Many have found their inner peace while meditating and have found themselves closer to their life’s dream.


Yoga radiates inner peace and reduces stress. It opens every blocked pore within and increases your blood circulation. It gives immense strength to the mind and prepares you for every challenge. It provides you with great physical strength and mental peace.


When you are stressed, you spend time thinking about your mental condition; you don’t know how to get out of this condition. Nothing is more beneficial than channelizing your stress into exercise. It not only increases your energy but also burns calories and makes you physically fit. There are people who starts doing push-ups or crunches when they are stressed. It gives them instant boost to get up and fight the stress.


Music can give you instant mood booster. Find your favourite music, make the list, download it in your phone, laptop, tablet, and keep them handy. They are with you wherever you go. Music can act as your personalised stress buster.


Chanting is a spiritual stress buster. It is a rhythmic repetition of prayer, words, sounds. The sounds of the prayer reach your soul within, and relaxes you. It gives you energy and positive vibes. You can get immense strength to fight stress from chanting.


Books & Dogs are said to be the best friends of human. Books take you to a different world of its own. Once you start reading and developing interest then you start enjoying it. Many people have a habit of reading at least 30 minutes before going to bed. It makes them forget about the stress and have a little personal time.

Live in the Present

Be in the present, appreciate the beauty of what you have. Be thankful for what God has gifted you. Look around and see how beautiful everything is, and how beautiful you are. Feel every movement within you. Take 15-20 minutes every day, and make it a habit to live in the present. We are running all the time for work, for assignment, for test, from fear, towards goal of life. Take a moment and feel the present and presence of beauty around.


A simple 5 minutes of laughing out loud can relieve you of stress. Do you even remember the last time you laughed out loud? Do not worry about what people around you will think. If you find it difficult to laugh out on your own, then join a laughing group. Yes, they do exist! Watch videos online and laugh with the video. It relaxes every muscle in your body and gives you instant energy.


Therapy involves talking to a professional about your stress and fear. It is a guided method to solve the underlying problem of stress. A therapist can give you a different approach towards life taking into account your personality. He may help you understand the root cause and prepares you for the future life.

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