TomoTherapy: Technology lessen the side effects of Radiation Therapy


The conventional radiation therapy generally involves powerful waves of radiation to disrupt the ability of cancer cells to grow and divide but one of the side effects of these radiations are that they also affect the noncancerous cells around the tumor and weakening the body and surrounding organs, some of the side effects of conventional radiation therapy are, restricted movements, hormone problems, soft tissue sarcoma. However, with the advancement and innovation in technology the side effects of radiation therapy can be significantly reduced using Helical TomoTherapy. On the occasion of the newly installed and also the first TomoTherapy machine in North India, we at Healthwire reached out to Dr. S. Hukku MD, Chairman at BLK Radio Oncology Center, New Delhi to know more about the TomoTherapy machine. Dr. Hukku talks about the benefits

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