Tiny Peyton, Scotland’s Youngest Covid-19 Patient Discharged From Hospital

Tiny Peyton, born prematurely at just 3lbs 5oz (1.5kg), baby Peyton was diagnosed with Covid-19 at just three weeks old. Her arrival on 26 March – eight weeks before her due date – defied all of the family’s planning.

Tiny Peyton touched the nation’s hearts when she featured in last night’s BBC News report on the incredible efforts of staff University Hospital Wishaw.

The tot was being cared for in an incubator in Wishaw’s neonatal unit when Tracy, 27, and husband AJ were told on April 15 that their 3lbs 11oz baby had tested positive for the killer bug, despite having none of the tell-tale symptoms of the condition.

Tracy said: “When I heard Peyton had coronavirus I was sobbing and really worried about how it could affect her respiratory system, her lungs and if it was life threatening.

The new mother says it is one of the “worst things” she has seen.
Despite feeling healthy, Tracy was told she may have pre-eclampsia during a routine appointment and was sent straight to Wishaw General Hospital in Lanarkshire.”

She’d had a sniffle, which is why they’d tested her for a range of viruses including COVID-19. “We were told we’d have to stay away from Peyton for 14 days and isolate at home but I pleaded not to be apart from my baby for that long.

“Peyton is the most precious person in the world to me and it shows the trust I had in the midwives and the other staff that I put her care in their hands – because that is that they are trained to do.

“My message to any mums-to-be is that they shouldn’t be worried about going into hospital to give birth because the staff know exactly what they need to do to protect everyone from the virus.

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