Three Medical Experts Join Hands For A Book On Coronavirus

Seeking to demystify the global epidemic and debunk myths besides talking about its economic, political and social fallout, three medical experts have come together for a book on coronavirus.

“The Coronavirus: What You Need to Know about the Global Pandemic” is written by internal medicine specialist Dr Swapneil Parikh, clinical psychologist Maherra Desai, and neuropsychiatrist Dr Rajesh M Parikh and will be published by Ebury Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

According to the authors, writing the book in less than three weeks was a “transformative experience”.

The book is out for pre-order and is expected to hit the market by the end of March.

Parikh says the book addresses the history, evolution, facts and myths around the COVID-19 threat.

“The elusive symptoms of the virus are making it harder to identify and assess the potential threat. Amid this, correct and expertly led information will be the key to mitigate the problem, and perhaps even clear the air,” he said.

Stressing on the need for immediate action, co-author Desai says, “The situation we are in was inevitable. We have had multiple unheeded warnings. Are we willing to learn this time around? We are invincible only to the extent of our preparedness.”

Parikh says “getting to know the phenomenal courage and dedication of healthcare workers across the world has made us look with renewed respect at our nursing and paramedical staff.”

According to Milee Ashwarya, Publisher at Ebury Publishing & Vintage Publishing, the world is currently in the grip of this epidemic caused by COVID-19, and there is a lot of scattered information floating around leading to fear and panic.

The book explains the dos and don’ts, bust the myths, explain the history and evolution of the virus and share insights into what lies ahead for us, she adds.

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