This Young IAS Officer Of Jharkhand Is Combating The COVID 19 Through His Innovations

Doctors, nurses and health workers are at the forefront of the battle against Covid 19. They deserve our support and applause. However, one should not forget the roles being played by government officers. They are showing the power of innovation and strategy in combating the pandemic. They are also working round-the-clock to save the lives of people. Some of these officers are using innovative approaches to identify and mitigate the contagion. We have started a special series in which officers who are leading Covid-19 fight in their districts will be covered.

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A young IAS officer of Jharkhand has brogh technologies on the forefront of the fight against Covid-19.

At a time when lots of rumor and fake news circulated on the social media, so much so that the people did not even know whether they should touch currency notes or not, an IAS officer of Jharkhand cadre has made a device which claims to eliminate the possibility of any infection.

Aditya Ranjan, a young IAS officer, posted as district deputy development commissioner in Jharkhand’s Chaibasa town, interacted with more than 100 people in a general hospital in Bokaro on April 4, after hearing about a patient who tested positive for Covid-19.

A computer science engineer by training, with an interest in Robotics, Ranjan decided to put his college training to good use in this hour of crisis.

He has created a machine which can make currency notes, drafts and checks infection free. This machine has already been distributed to banks.

He has made a remote-controlled ‘Co-bot’ which now delivers food and medicine to patients suspected of COVID-19 infection, without roping in doctors or nursing staff in the 50-bed South Eastern Railway Hospital in Chaibasa.

The Co-Bots designed by Ranjan are bots to deliver food, medicines, and water to the affected patients and also collect their disposed items. This design minimizes human contact to a great degree and reduces the threat of contraction significantly.

The Bots have a carrying capacity of 30 kg and a connectivity range of 200-300 ft.

Before creating the ‘Co-bot’, Ranjan had devised phone booth sample collection technology and shielding masks to protect frontline healthcare workers.

Aditya Ranjan’s elder brother is a doctor. He learned more about Covid 19 infections from him. After this, he started making necessary arrangements in his district so that the possibility of infection could be minimized.

Not a single infected patient has been found in Aditya Ranjan’s district yet. However, that does not mean he is not prepared for the worst. A special isolation bed for Covid patient is ready to handle unforeseen situations.

The 32-year-old IAS officer has received accolades in the past for his education and healthcare initiatives. He had caught the attention of many through his previous works such as 750 model anganwadi centres and 60 plus L1 health centres, in Jharkhand’s Singhum district.

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