I Got Plastic Surgery And I Regret It, Says Girl From China: Know Things To Keep In Mind Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

The beauty standards in China is pretty harsh, you have be size double zero or you have to wear XXS and you have to basically look like a Barbie doll or you will be considered ugly

A video of a girl named Cherry Tung from China is going viral on the internet. In the video, the girl talks about her experience of having a plastic surgery.  A video recently posted by Buzz Feed is seeing a boom of viewers on internet.

Cherry Tung from China says, “I once got plastic surgery and I totally regret it”. When Cherry considered plastic surgery as a solution to her relationship problems, she could never have imagined the impact that choice would have on her family and future.

According to her, the beauty standards in China is pretty harsh. You have to be a size double zero or you have to wear XXS and you have to bascially look like a barbie doll or you will be considered ugly. This is the reason she had to go for plastic surgery which she now regrets. The implant of her nose started poking out a little bit after few days of the surgery.

Here’s the video watch (Video courtesy- Buzz Feed)

What are the things you should keep in mind before undergoing plastic surgery?  We talk to Dr Ashwani Kumar Singh, Senior consultant and head of the Department of plastic surgery at Yatharth Hospital, Greater Noida.

Q: Why does a person want to get plastic surgery?

Traditionally, plastic surgeons repair birth defects and post trauma / post burn.

With passage of time and awareness about self image, cosmetic procedures such as body contouring, non surgical facial procedures ( botox, fillers) and surgical facial procedures (facelift, nosejob) have been on a rising trend.

A steady rise in these procedures can be attributed to achieve high self-esteem, as a certain beauty standard is being projected by media/social media.

Pregnancy affects a woman’s body after giving birth. Pregnant women might notice pink or red stretch marks on their skin during pregnancy. Many women, after giving birth, like to undergo procedures like tummy tuck & breast reshaping.

Male patients suffer social stigma associated with baldness and male boobs which can be corrected by hair transplant and liposuction respectively. Similarly, females undergo breast augmentation to correct small breasts and laser hair reduction.

Things to keep in mind before undergoing plastic surgery

Being aware of expectations is of utmost importance. A good plastic surgeon is one who keeps it real and does not promise dramatic results. Plastic surgery can only enhance features using underlying bony structures and skin quality.

Overall health of the patient is critical as one should be fit enough to undergo and recover from any surgery

Always seek professional advice and surgical treatment from a board of certified plastic surgeon to avoid mishaps

Most cosmetic procedures are considered expensive. If cost is a concern, ask about financing options. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not. Enquire about your care team’s experience and expertise, costs and recovery, plus safety and risk prior to making a final decision.

Q: Accuracy rate of plastic surgery

A: Complications are rare in plastic surgery and a good pre operative counselling lead to realistic long term results. With the advancement in the field and advent of sophisticated instruments, the accuracy has increased further.



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