Therapeutic Benefits Of Essential Oils, Explains Expert

We can choose to apply essential oil directly onto our skin (depending on what oil it is.
We can choose to apply essential oil directly onto our skin (depending on what oil it is.

We look for outside validation, love, acceptance and adoration from everyone we love. Nut in fact the best focus is to strengthen our relationship with our ourselves first. This is because after toiling for the whole day , busy in meetings and deadlines, we return to our own selves in the night. If we don’t love what we feel inside of us, its going to actually create a problem for us in future, With that being said, lets pamper ourselves a little more in this harsh world, fulfill and nurture all our soul desires first. According to Wellness and Fitness Expert Poonam Duneja – from NutrifybyPoonam, we completely deserve to be at peace with all the ups and downs of life.

Wellness and Fitness Expert Poonam Duneja from NutrifybyPoonam.

“Set aside a time and money to make yourself really special. You will be surprised to see what actually comes up in my mind which is the key to self exploration when we speak about our mental, emotional and physical health. Using essential oils is not only going to open doors of peace and self love but also it is a must have to have that calmness, restful sleep and happy go lucky mood,” Duneja said.

Therapeutic benefits of essential oils

Figuring out complete benefits of essential oils would require me to write a complete book, says Duneja. “But here I would like to share twelve benefits of essential oils which is actually going to create awareness as to why it is a must have in your dressing drawer,” she added

Essential oils

· Balance hormones

· Elevate moods

· Improve sleep quality

· Strengthen immunity

· Fight infection

· Promote oral health

· Slow the aging process

· Relieve headaches and migraines

· Used as a deodorant, toothpaste , bath salt , etc

· Improve brain function

· Heal wounds

· Even skin tone

· Ease pain

· Thicken and lengthen hair

· Reduce stress

This is just the beginning and in fact there are innumerable other benefits

Essential oils are healthy and safe

We can choose to apply essential oil directly onto our skin (depending on what oil it is or we can also apply it using a carrier oil like almond oil, avocado oil, olive oil because oil like tea tree oil, clove oil and peppermint oil can be very potent. Put the oil in a diffuser so that we can take advantage of its aromatherapy, we can also combine the oils together to make your oil of own choice at home As essential oils come from nature, so they are healthy and safe.

Make sure that oil is completely pure and look for brand which says “100 percent oil on the packaging, that we way we are sure that no artificial colors or chemicals are in the oils

Some of our favourite essential oils are – chamomile oil to relieve stress and sunburns, eucalyptus oil as a perfect foot soak, a combination of wintergreen, cypress and lemongrass to relieve arthritis, bergamot oil to improve focus, peppermint and cinnamon essential oils to curb food cravings. Again this is just the tip of the iceberg of what essential oils can do for your well being. I hope we have shared solid reasons to incorporate essential oils in your daily life.

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