The Virus Will Not Mutate “Dramatically” In The Forthcoming Months: Dr Randeep Guleria On Covid 19

Dr Randeep Guleria, the director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi on Friday said that the virus will not mutate “dramatically” in the forthcoming months.

When all of us are scarred by the havoc caused during the second wave of COVID-19 a few months ago, there are experts who are claiming that the third wave of COVID-19 in the country is expected to arrive by August-end or by September, Dr Guleria said, the third wave’s arrival is a lot dependent on how we behave.

In an interview with ANI, an eminent pulmonologist and AIIMS director Dr Guleria said, “Third wave’s arrival is a lot dependent on how we behave. COVID appropriate behaviour like preventing crowds, and other measures can delay the third wave and severity of the third wave. Thus, it is dependent is human behaviour. We cannot predict that how the virus will behave.”

“It seems that the virus will not mutate so dramatically in the coming months. As per the serosurvey, there is a reasonably good amount of immunity in the population. Therefore, till the larger part of the population gets vaccinated we should avoid crowding, non-essential travel, and we maintain COVID appropriate behaviour,” added Dr Guleria.

However, a warning has been issued by Dr Guleria that India is still reporting a huge number of cases, and those states recording a higher of cases, can pose a risk for those reporting cases in fewer numbers. “We have not come out of the second wave yet. Therefore, in some states, we are still seeing a significant number of cases. However, there are other parts of the country which have come out of the second wave and case have declined dramatically,” he added.

Hence people should be vigilant about the increasing number of cases and there is a possibility of third-wave hitting areas recording fewer cases as a word of caution, said Dr Guleria.

“Where the second wave has declined, people in those areas have to be very careful because if the next wave hits, then it will come these areas,” alerted AIIMS director.

India on Friday reported 35,342 new COVID-19 cases, 38,740 recoveries and 483 deaths over 24 hours.

According to the Union Health Ministry, the cumulative positive cases now stand at 3,12,93,062, including 3,04,68,079 recoveries and 4,05,513 active cases. The country’s COVID death tally has reached 4,19,470.

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