The Best Exercises To Do If You Are Feeling Lazy

We don’t feel motivated and it’s okay to feel like that. But, this lethargic feeling doesn’t have to ruin your daily workout routine

Some days, all we want to do is stay inside our blanket on the bed or the couch. We don’t feel like getting up for a workout. We don’t feel motivated, and it’s okay to feel like that. Occasionally, you should allow yourself to feel lethargic, but this feeling should not ruin your daily workout routine.

This may sound confusing to you all, but intense reps of cardio, heavy weightlifting, and streams of sweat dripping down your face are not the requirements of every type of exercise. At the same time, you can also keep it low and still feel strong from inside.

Here are some easy workout options for you when you feel lethargic and don’t want to move out of your blanket:

Walk Instead Of Run

When you feel lethargic, you should go for walking. It is better to avoid running in such situation. This may seem like a very common and obvious workout. We all think running is a better workout. But even a brisk walk can help for the days when you are too tired to sweat it out and take shower afterward. So, if your spirit isn’t up for a faster pace, try the slower one.

Try To Avoid Weight Lifting And Instead Do Some Stretching

There can be days when you don’t feel like hitting the gym and lifting those heavyweights.  Many of us may believe that only a hard and intense gym workout can make us strong from inside. This is not true. Do some stretching, like moving hands and legs, and you will feel the difference. These stretches really help.

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Stairs Climbing

Climbing stairs is the best exercise you can do every day. When you are too tired to go for heavy workouts, include stairs climbing as a warm-up before hitting the gym.

Instead of using the elevator or the escalator, take the stairs. It helps you in revving up your heart rate.

Try Plank

Try planks when you don’t feel energetic enough for an intense abs workout. Start with the normal planks and oblique planks at home. During plank workouts, the most important thing to keep in mind is posture.

Make sure you are following the proper posture to get the most out of this workout.

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