Tattvan Launches India’s 1st Organized Second Medical Opinion Service For Multispecialty Advanced Care Patients

Himani Bhandari

Gurugram : Tattvan, a first of its kind telemedicine healthcare E-clinic, has launched India’s first ‘Second Medical Opinion Service’ for multispecialty advanced care patients across India. The offering will be particularly helpful for the patients who are recently diagnosed but not sure what to do next. As a leader in the e-clinic sector, Tattvan has achieved tremendous success in providing healthcare to thousands of people. Now it is expecting to replicate its success in the second medical opinion segment with the launch of latest service.

Patients can now share their case files with Tattvan counsellors via e-mail, phone or Whatsapp. They can also share their details through its website. Post study, the counsellors will share their files with relevant hospitals as per the patient’s need. Based on responses from hospitals, Tattvan’s team will gather the most optimum options available for the patients and share a detailed second opinion report with them. The suggested options would be customized to the patient budget, location, travel preference and hospital preferences.

The patients will also be provided express services and discounts at all Tattvan network hospitals. Not just that, the patients will also be able to consult directly with specialists’ team from their homes via Tattvan’s app.

Speaking about its newly inaugurated service, Tattvan’s CEO, Ayush Mishra says “Every day we receive queries from patients in smaller towns who are in dire need of an advanced care treatment that isn’t available in best quality in their city. This forces them to travel to a nearby big city. However, there does not exist any organized service that can help millions of such patients to avail the best treatment for them. We at Tattvan are just trying to address this by gathering all the best available options.”

The healthcare provider has a plan to further expand its service to other Indian cities. The company’s global footprint is also expected to increase with clinics planned in Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Uganda this year.

The CEO adds “We currently have a network of biggest Indian hospitals in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Indore, Bangalore and Chennai. We will keep on expanding to other big city hospitals depending upon patient needs”.

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