Take A Break, You Can Always Make A Comeback : Cheteshwar Pujara’s Advice To Cricketers Battling Mental Health Issues

New Delhi: Lauding Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell for admitting about suffering from mental health issues and taking a break from the sport, Indian batsman Cheteshwar Pujara has urged other cricketers to do the same if they aresuffering from the same problem.

Maxwell took a short break from the sport after suffering difficulties withregards to his mental health in October last year.

He was one of the few international cricketers to come out in the open aboutthe problem. He gradually made his return to domestic cricket in Australia acouple of months later in December, 2019.

Talking about the issue, Pujara said on the latest episode of India Today Inspiration that Indian players refrain themselves from talking about the issue in the open due to the pressure of performance but this is something whichneeds to be addressed and attended to by every player.

“It is very important to address it. But in India, unfortunately, I haven’t heard many cricketers openly admitting it, because there is a lot ofpressure on all the players to perform, not just at international level, but even at domestic level,” he said.

“If an Indian cricketer is going through such phase, I don’t think he will come out in open, and talk about such issues in India. But since Glenn Maxwell started this, I think it’s a good way of telling the right thing to the team management – if you need a break you need a break. You can always come back and start playing this game again,” Pujara said.

“In India, not many have opened up about such issues. Since the players don’t speak about it, I’m not sure whether they have experienced mental health issues here. But, if someone opens up and starts saying about such things, then they’ll be a great character who has come in front and said such things,” headded.

“At this moment, I don’t think anyone is going through such issues. But here are times when players have to play throughout the year. They don’t getto see their family for a long time. Families are allowed on tour but sometimes when you are playing this sport over a period of time you do get frustrated. But then how you manage yourself is important,” Pujara said on Inspiration.

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