Summer fruits and their benefits’


New Delhi: Healthy living has always been associated with eating fruits and vegetables. Summers give us an opportunity to enjoy lot of seasonal vegetables and fruits which are known to promote good dental health.

Dr. Gunita Singh and Dr. Tanvir Singh from Dentem have come up with suggestions on the benefits of certain fruits that have on human’s dental health. They are as follows:


Strawberries are powerful teeth whiteners that contain both an astringent and vitamin C. The astringent in strawberries effectively aids in the removal of surface stains while vitamin C whitens teeth by clearing away plaque.



An apple contains malic acid, a chemical used in teeth whitening products, which helps dissolve stains.It certainly won’t replace your toothbrush, but biting and chewing an apple stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth, reducing tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria.



The watermelon contains vitamin C which also contributes to natural whitening action. Watermelon can help to strengthen and actually clean to a small extent your teeth and gums. It has anti-oxidant properties that help prevent cell damage and ensure healthy gums.


Orange fruits

Oranges are also good source of vitamin c and fibers. Drinking a glass of orange juice daily would supplement the calcium in your diet and help build stronger teeth. Oranges are the perfect choice for healthy gums and teeth.

The citric acid present in oranges can help control acidity levels in your mouth, especially since it encourages salivation, the body’s own mouthwash.

The white inside portion of an orange peel, called the albedo, contains a number of compounds including vitamin C, limonene, glucarate, pectin and soluble fiber. Peel the orange and rub the albedo over your teeth.



Packed with vitamins, minerals, potassium bananas are loaded with positive health benefits. The fruit does not stick to teeth and the inner part of the banana peel helps in whitening teeth.

To whiten teeth with banana peel is very safe and healthy for teeth. As banana peels are a wonderful source of minerals and vitamins. They do not have the abrasiveness that other natural whiteners have and best of all they are inexpensive.

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