Sulabh Sanitation Club Organises Cultural Conference To Mark The “Menstrual Hygiene Day”

Speakers appreciated the efforts of the volunteers of Sanitation Club in carrying forward the agenda of menstrual hygiene.

Sulabh Sanitation Menstrual Hygiene Day

An outreach activity for adolescent girls was organised by Sulabh Sanitation club at the resettlement locality in National Capital with an aim to create awareness among students about Menstrual hygiene in connection with ongoing Covid pandemic.

The basic idea was to underscore the importance of having open conversations about periods and offers educational guidance to facilitate discussions that help eradicate period stigma, added Mr. Rupak Roychoudhary of Sulabh WASH in schools.

Further, there is a rumour circulating on social media that is triggering a lot many women into believing that the COVID-19 vaccine taken during their menstrual periods isn’t fully safe for them. The Sulabh Sanitation Club team busted this myth by reinforcing the fact that women do not need to schedule their COVID-19 vaccine around their menstrual cycle.

The team members shared reports with the participants showing them how the immune system is not affected by either the COVID-19 vaccine or the menstrual cycle, so scheduling around them is not necessary.

“In fact, delaying vaccination around your cycle may only leave you unprotected from COVID-19 for a longer time without providing any known benefit”, team members adds.

Volunteers of Sulabh School Sanitation Club feels ,”we must be able to talk about periods freely and without shame.”

 A webinar over this issue was also organised today to mark this important day today.

Experts: While participating in the Webinar observed that access to safe and affordable menstrual products is a basic need and a healthcare right for over half of our population; it is a human right.

Around 100 participants from different countries have attended the webinar and exchanged their views.

Key speakers appreciated organisers for conducting such an event during the pandemic and also encouraging the girls to go for vaccination during their menses.

Speakers appreciated the efforts of the volunteers of Sanitation Club in carrying forward the agenda of menstrual hygiene and sharing insights about the importance of vaccination during menstruation.

Indian Ambassador to Cambodia, Dr. Devyani Khobragarde , Additional Chief Secretary of Sikkim Mr. G.P Upadhaya and other experts also joined in the webinar and addressed the webinar.

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