Strengthening Healthcare Infrastructure: HOSMAC Celebrates Its Silver Jubilee

Introduces a year-long Masterclass Series on Hospital Planning & Design

HOSMAC, the Mumbai-headquartered company that was launched in 1996, has completed 25 years of being a leading healthcare management and planning consultancy in Asia. Over the years, the company has grown its presence from India to the Middle East, Africa and certain parts of Europe.

Founded by Dr. Vivek Desai, HOSMAC was started with the idea to bridge the gap in hospital infrastructure which could help to provide quality medical services. Gradually, the company moved from a healthcare market intelligence consultancy to an end-to-end healthcare solution provider, and is also working towards knowledge creation and academics. Some of the reputed organizations that HOSMAC has been associated with include International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank, Apollo Cancer Hospitals, Narayana Health, Fortis Healthcare, Hinduja Hospital, Asian Heart Institute, Emirates Hospital, Vedanta Group and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), among others.

To commemorate HOSMAC’s silver jubilee year milestone, it is conducting a thoughtfully curated complementary Masterclass Series on ‘Hospital Planning and Design’. These masterclasses are open to all and is being held virtually on the third Saturday of every month until June 2022. The idea is to share the industry professionals’ practical learning with tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

On this special occasion, Dr. Vivek Desai, Founder & Managing Director of HOSMAC, said “HOSMAC was built on the edifice of our passion to create quality healthcare management models and spaces. Once we were able to do that, we wanted to spread our knowledge and seed newer ideas among medical students, doctors, administrators, engineers, hospital owners and others. Some of the initiatives we undertook include launch of our digital magazine ‘Healthcare Executive’, annual Thought Leadership Summits to foster innovation and improve the learning curve of participants in healthcare management strategy and hospital engineering nuances, guest lectures at educational institutions such as Tata Institute of Social Science, IIHMR Jaipur, IIT Mumbai and collaborative learning programs with Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), among others.”

Dr. Desai added “Taking forward our zest for educating and sensitizing healthcare industry professionals, we will be curating a series of 12 Masterclasses conducted by seniors faculty from HOSMAC as well as from the industry. Topics would range form business analytics, basics of master planning for hospitals, equipment planning and hospital design mantras to project management nuances for hospital ventures and so on.”

Over the past 25 years, the healthcare industry has moved on from a charitable ethos to a “for profit” business entity format. Hospitals have become more complex buildings with use of technology in both building engineering and medical equipment. There has been a spin off effect wherein the profitable portions of hospital businesses like the diagnostics & pharmaceutical retailing have become standalone big businesses in themselves.

“Medical education has also evolved and we see more private investments flowing in after streamlining the entrance exams at the national level. The next step of conducting a common exit exam will go a long way in improving the quality of medical education. Newer businesses around wellness and home-based healthcare will add to the growth of the industry and also improve the employability of various para-medical staff”, cited Dr. Desai.

Additionally, Government-backed insurance schemes at both central and state government levels have improved affordability problems for the masses and would go a long way to improve investor sentiment in the sector.


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