Still Going Strong: 5 Simple Ways to Ensure Age is Just a Number to Your Superb Bone Health

New Delhi: Are you also one of those middle aged people who has surrendered to the myth of bones growing thinner and weaker as you age and that nothing can be done about it. Well, it’s time to challenge it in everyday, simple ways and ensuring that age is just a number when it comes to bone health.

Take these 5 lifestyle steps to halt the thinning of your bones, also known as osteopenia, which leads to osteoporosis.

Make Your Diet Vegetable Rich

Go for that Vegetable extravaganza as they are the best source of Vitamin C, which stimulates production of bone-forming cells. Greens and yellows have been shown in studies to help with bone mineralization.

Vitamin D is Bone Wealth

Most adults need 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily,to help absorb calcium. You’ll be surprised to see that your regular, over-the-counter combined vitamin D-calcium pills often fails to meet your bone health needs. Many people living in colder regions aren’t able to get enough vitamin D from the sun. Taking a vitamin D supplement will ensure you meet your daily needs.

Strength Train Your Joints

Want to fortify your bone health by making those joints work soomth? Strength training exercises are especially made for you. They are important for those who suffer from lower extremity joint deficiencies such as knee or hip arthritis, which are conditions that may limit your ability to perform weight bearing exercise.

You may also try Bone Loading or “resistance training” which means lifting lighter weights with higher repetitions may be robbing you of the bone health benefits provided by strength training, which focuses on increasing the resistance of the weights. “

You can begin by performing one to two sets of 10 to 12 repetitions, working to muscle fatigue and increasing the intensity as you go. To achieve maximal benefits with minimal risk, proper breathing and technique are important factors for safe lifting.”

Hormone Therapy for Women and Medications for Men and Women

When perimenopausal women show symptoms of menopuase,(hot flashes and more), to increase waning estrogen levels, which are linked to bone loss, they may consider hormone therapy.

And women and men diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis can take various medications to prevent dangerous hip and spine fractures. Keeo in mind that without taking enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet, these medications may alone spell magic. Talk to your doctor about options such as bisphosphonates, teriparatide or denosumab.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Yeah! You must be wondering now what on earth does smoking and drinking have to do with bone health. Studies have found that loss of bone mineral density is associated with tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption. If you smoke, look into a program to help you quit. If you drink, the recommendation is to stick to no more than one libation a day.

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