Step up your game

We may not realise it but in a digitised society, we are turning more sedentary than we ever were. Sitting for long hours at work stations, sinking into a lounge couch with hand-held devices or catching up on work at home too on a tab or laptop. All of these can have devastating health effects on our body and mind, emaciating our bones and inducing a dullness in our minds.

Physical activity is very important at regular intervals during the day. The more you move, the more energetic you feel and the more sprightly you become in your outlook. So step away from your desk and recharge yourself with these simple steps:

  1. Schedule breaks:

Set an alarm to remind yourself to move at least every 30 minutes. This could include taking a walk around the building, getting up and stretching out, climbing up and down stairwells or even doing a series of 20 jumping jacks. Whether you use an app or a computerized reminder, make it a point to get moving.

  1. Rest your Eyes:

Make a conscious effort to blink often while looking at the computer screen. “Take intervals and splash water in the eyes wide open after filling up the mouth with water. This yoga technique helps keep the eyes healthy,” says Yoga guru Surakshit Goswami. This should be done at least six times a day.

  1. Eat nuts & seeds, not samosa or Pizza

Avoid greasy samosas and burgers when hungry between meals. Best is to get an extra box with nuts and seed mix for a healthy and filling snack. (Please add details of  seed and cereal mixes and tgeir food value)

  1. Stretch at your desk

Be aware about the most vital part of the body that holds it together— the spine. Consciously keep your spine straight to avoid a stiff neck. If you work at a desk for hours on end, stretching is essential. Roll your neck, shrug your shoulders and reach for the ceiling while wiggling your fingers. Look to the left and pause for a few seconds, then come to the center and pause, then look to the right and pause some more. Tilt your head to your right shoulder (like you’re clutching a phone), hold it for 10 seconds and then switch sides. Then, clasp your hands behind your back and pull to stretch out your shoulders. Give your lower half some TLC, too! Stand at your workstation and bend at the hips to touch your toes, or bring your heel toward your butt and grab your ankle to stretch your quads. No matter which stretches you choose, move in a way that feels good to you.

  1. Always smile

To ward off negativity at the workplace, it is best to wear a smile. “Force yourself to smile. Pin up a reminder to smile on your desktop. Your smiling face can be the positive force at office.

  1. Download a Step Tracker application 

A step tracker can be remarkably motivating. I encourage my patients to continuously increase the number of steps they take daily. To do this, they come up with a goal for the number of steps they want to shoot for each day, track their progress with their step tracker app. This way I ensure that they indulge in a physical activity on a daily basis.

So start your fitness journey today…

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