Stay fit, forget the heat

heat wave in india

Fortis Healthcare shares preventive and precautionary tips to keep you safe and healthy in  summer.

 As the mercury rises to 45 degrees and beyond, city hospitals are flooded with cases across the age group complaining of heatstroke, heat cramps and dehydration.

Heat wave can cause adverse effects on human health and Dr. Rajeev Gupta, Director, Internal Medicine, Fortis Shalimar Bagh shares quick tips to maintain ideal body temperature and enjoy summers instead.

Quick tips to maintain ideal body temperature in sun heat

1.  Avoid staying outdoors for long durations

Any form of direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided. People should not step out in the sun, especially between 12 pm and 3 pm.

2.  Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Sunscreen lotion should be applied, use umbrellas, caps, wet towels while stepping out to avoid tanning and sunburn.

3.  Maintain food hygiene

Include fluids such as lemon water but make sure the drink is cool and not ice-cold as it might lead to sudden temperature difference. One must avoid eating outside snacks from a canteen or open kiosks to avoid food poisoning along with fried food. Food and water-borne diseases are very common in this period. Only bottled/filtered water should be consumed outside the home. Children should be made aware of these very important points and encouraged to wash hands regularly.

4. Hydrate your body

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day since it doesn’t contain any sugar or unnecessary calories. A lemon and honey drink can also instantly replenish your body’s lost fluids and work as an energizer. Drinking fluids even when not thirsty is helpful to keep the body one hydrated. Aerated drinks should be replaced by Chaach, Fruit Smoothies, Sweet Lassi, Fresh Fruit Juices.

5.  Eat light, small, frequent meals

Start the morning with sweet, juicy fruit. Ripe summer fruits such as peaches, plums, melons, pears and citrus fruits are a good choice. Include salads in your diet – consume leafy lettuce, summer greens, corn on cob and cucumbers for salads are delicious ways to stay cool. These contain a significant amount of water and can actually thin the blood, which has a cooling effect. Ensure adequate intake of salt: Consuming the right proportion of salt helps maintain the blood pressure. Avoid caffeine, alcohol or excessive tea as they tend to dehydrate.

6.  Wear loose, full-sleeved, light-coloured cotton clothes:

These protect the body from the sun and aid evaporation of sweat. Wearing a hat or sunglasses is also helpful.

7. Avoid vigorous physical activities in hot and humid weather

If you feel weak or dizzy after exposure to the sun heat, immediately take water or nimbu paani with salt and retire to a shaded cool place. Lie with your legs elevated for about half an hour to allow your body to recover and prevent fainting attacks.

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