Spending Hours of Your on Laptop? Your Brain Could be Absorbing Carcinogens and Radiations That Could Result in Tumours

children using laptops

New Delhi, December 17- You probably must have heard about children or teenagers who spent most of their time at home with electronic devices like laptops and tablets. It’s a strong possibility that you may have a young adult at your home glued to a video game on one’s laptop right now.

While talking about such kids, parents are often found to be exhibiting a sense of pride in their kids’ choices of using electronic devices and thus, leading a digital way of life. What if, they are told, that while sitting and working at the laptop or computers almost all day, the kids could be absorbing lethal amounts of carcinogens through the rays emitting out of screens of those devices which we call Microwave Radiations (MWR).

According to a reasearch by a World Health Organisation body in May 2011, such radiation and even radio frequencies might be “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. We can well imagine that if such warnings are issued for radio frequencies, what kind of colossal harm to our brains could the MWR emitted by laptops be possibly doing to us.

According to the experts, one of the greaest sources of such radiation are laptops which release high amounts of carcinogens through their screens and their undersides.

When we keep our laptops on our laps they emit emit 40-100 milliGauss Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) or radiation. That exceeds the standard limit of radiation by 40-100 times is 40-100 times. This range horribly dwarfs even the radiation emitted by a high tension power line which could emit 10-70 milliGauss of radiation at its max.

Speaking to Healthwire on MWR, Dr. Dinesh M. Chaudhari, Associate Consultant of Neurology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, said, “The only possible way to determine the microwave radiation (MWR) absorbed in specific tissues in children is through a computer stimulation using MRI scans of children. Since the skulls in children are smaller and thinner and their brain tissues are more absorbent they remain at the risk of absorbing more MWR than adults. Neurologists around the world have declared MWR from wireless devices a possible human carcinogen. Again, children are at a higher risk of getting exposed to any carcinogen.”

“Another issue in children is pertaining to the diagnosis of such carcinogen. When carcinogen accumulates in children’s brain due to over exposure of MWR through addiction to video games at an early age, it could possibly result into a tumour which may not be diagnosed until well into adulthood. Neurological experts are of the opinion that only when the laptops and tablets are placed at least 20 cms from the human body, that they may be at safe distance from the risk of absorbing MWR. Many countries who are developing themselves technologically at a rapid pace are already pushing for stern laws to limit children’s use and their exposure to electronic devices,” he added citting studies.

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