South African Hospitals Recruit Indian Nurses

In order to overcome the issue of skilled nursing staff shortage, the private hospitals in South Africa are recruiting senior Indian nurses, as per media reports.

The Indian nurses are known for their good work ethics and ability to become efficient trainers for the local staff. A report at a 2018 jobs summit indicated that the country had a shortage of more than 47,000 nurses.

The shortage of the skilled nursing staff has been attributed to several factors, including preference of highly qualified nurses to emigrate or take up contract employment in countries such as the UK, the United Aarb Emirates, Saudi Arabia or New Zealand for want of higher salaries, a report in the weekly Business Times said.

Mediclinic, one of South Africa’s largest private hospital groups, confirmed that it is recruiting 150 nurses from India this year.

“To supplement our training, as an internal strategy, we will continue to recruit senior registered nurses from India,” a Mediclinic spokesperson told the Business Times.

The official said that the few who apply for long-term positions are usually young newly-qualified nurses, which is not the group in demand.

“They work hard, with a patient-oriented work ethic, and do not have the nine-to-five approach of many local nurses, especially those who are unionised,” the official said.

“We would be very happy to take in more nursing staff from India,” the official added.

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