Sourav Ganguly’s Report Of Routine Blood Tests ‘Satisfactory’: Says Hospital

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president Sourav Ganguly’s reports of routine blood tests are satisfactory and the doctors are keeping a “constant vigil” on his health situation, the Woodlands Hospital informed in a medical bulletin on Tuesday afternoon.

In the bulletin, the hospital said: “Report of routine blood tests are satisfactory, Echocardiography shows preserved left ventricular function with ejection fraction of 56 percent.”

Also, it said that Ganguly, who is set to be discharged on Wednesday, had an “uneventful day”.

Ganguly was hospitalised at 1 pm on January 2 with “chest discomfort, heaviness of head, vomiting and a spell of dizziness” while performing physical exercise in the home gymnasium at around 11 am.

Following this, doctors had conducted angioplasty on him.

MD and CEO of Woodlands Hospital Dr. Rupali Basu, on Tuesday informed that the former captain will be monitored at home on a daily basis after being discharged.

The 48-year-old will be prepared for the next course of procedures or medical interference after about 2-3 weeks, further said Dr. Basu while talking to the reporters about the health of Ganguly.

Cardiologist Dr. Devi Shetty also met the medical team of nine doctors who are attending Ganguly and then a further course of action was decided by the hospital.
Dr. Shetty said that the heart of Ganguly is now as strong as it was when the former India skipper was 20-years-old. “Sourav didn’t have any major problem.

This is the common problem which most Indians experience at some point in time, which is a blockage in the coronary artery.

He did not have heart damage but he had a blockage and he was getting some discomfort, but at the right time he landed in the right hospital and he had the correct treatment.

“His heart is today as strong as it was when Sourav was 20-years-old. I want everyone to understand that he didn’t have a major cardiac event which has damaged his heart. He has a very, very strong heart,” ESPNCricinfo quoted Dr. Shetty as saying in a media interaction in Kolkata.

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