Some health tips for baby care during monsoon

New Delhi: As Delhi is witnessing the much-awaited monsoon season with the air quality remaining humid most of the times, doctors have suggested citizens to take care of their health as the season also brings a lot of diseases.

The care is more important for the children as they are more prone to the health issues. Here are some of the medical tips needed to be followed for the care of children:

1. For a bath, ensure you use a gentle soap which is mild and infused with herbs that help keep the skin soft and hydrated.

2. Using a baby soap infused with olive oil and almond oil helps protect and soften baby’s skin.

3. For parents who prefer using a wash, you can opt for a gentle wash that helps keep baby’s skin soft and supple.

4. A baby wash infused with the goodness of green gram and chickpea works as a gentle cleanser for baby’s delicate skin. Green gram helps keep the skin soft and supple and chickpea soothes the skin.

5. For hair care during the monsoon, ensure to give your baby a head bath at least twice a week. This helps manage cradle cap and refreshes the scalp and hair. You can opt for a gentle shampoo infused with hibiscus and chickpea. Hibiscus helps condition the hair and chickpea helps nourish the hair.

6. For skin care, you can opt for a calamine-based lotion with natural ingredients like aloe vera, nut grass oil and mustard oil. It is a mild solution to help treat rashes and relieve skin irritation.

7. Post bath, using a diaper rash cream infused with almond oil and Yashada Bhasma can help tackle diaper rashes. Almond Oil helps moisturise the skin and Yashada Bhasma reduces skin inflammation and irritation caused due to diaper rashes.

The best way to protect your little one from skin infections and rashes during the monsoon is by keeping your baby clean and dry.

Also, ensure to change the diapers at regular intervals, which will help prevent rashes. With these few simple measures, you can keep skin concerns at bay and enjoy the rainy season together.

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