So, Which One Unhealthy Habit Would You Quit This Year? Delhi Speaks to Us

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New Delhi, January 26: Have you ever heard of Quitter’s Day? No? There nothing to worry because most of us haven’t.

It is a new and interesting occassion which is marked by people world over who make resolutions about atleast one unhealthy habit they would like to quit in the new year. Since it is not an officially recognised phenomenon, different people are choosing different dates to observe this day in the first month of the year.

What really matters is that people are willing to show courage to make a resolution for a healthy life too.

Healthwire spoke to a number of people from all age groups and different walks of life to which unhealthy habit do they want to get rid of this year.

While talking to Healthwire, Jyoti, a Delhi-based student and Yoga enthusiast mentioned her wish to cut on fast foods.

“I just want to say that I want to cut on junk food. We all are living in Delhi and the food here is delicious and tempting to say the least. I’m living in a city where food defines pretty everything in our lives. Moreover, we keep finding so many cafes, stalls, restaurants and want to stop at almost every place to grab a bite. If you could still ignore those places then you are virtually surrounded by food bloggers and easy food delivery apps which make you want to eat more and get it delivered at your door step. But I really have to stop it. So this one habit, I would like cut down,” she said.

Abhishek, a web developer wanted to get rid of his addiction to sugar-rich diet.

“This year, I have planned to quit sugar, because we all know sugar isn’t good for our health and it is world’s biggest epidemic. Sugar is something which no one tries to locate it on the radar and if I cut down on sugar, I’ll cut down on junk food and save some extra buck,” he said.

“There are many things I want to quit in life but one thing I’m very proud of is my decision to quit smoking. I’d been a smoker for 25 years and two years ago I developed this pulmonary problem. I couldn’t breathe and my doctor told me that if I smoke cigarettes anymore I may as well put a bullet through my head. So, I took medication to quit smoking, it wasn’t easy, so I really think that whatever it takes, you guys should give it up,” said a former journalist to Healthwire.

“We still can’t take holiday in the hills because she can’t breathe in the hills anymore,” her husband added.

Geeta, a school teacher wanted to quit her procrastinating attitude towards physical exercise.

“I would like to quit my habit of always putting things on tomorrow. Like I keep saying that I’ll start my exercise from tomorrow. But that has made to put on so much of weight. So I would like to quit procrastination.”

Priyanka, a student and a dancer told Healthwire that she takes a lot of stress which she wants to manage this year.

“So I want to quit the habit of overthinking. This gives me a lot of stress. I want to deal with one issue at a time rather than dipping my hands in every work. I also speak a lot without thinking much and I want my actions to speak for me.”

Dishant, a pilot told Healthwire that he wants to quit his addiction with phone.

“Nowadays I’m using a lot of my mobile phone for Insta, YouTube, Facebook also. So I have become quite addicted to my phone. So I want to quit using my phone too much. So this year, I’m thinking of using less of social media platforms.”

Manjeet Singh Oberoi, a senior lawyer said that he has difficulties in focusing which he would like to deal with this year.

“I’m over 56 years now. I want to quit the habit of wasting time on unnecessary projects. Wastage of time, money and absence of focus. That is what I want to quit and bring back my focus because timing is everything and we should strike when the iron is hot. Since I’m well placed so I let it go. However, that’s not the correct thing to do. One must immediately seize the moment to achieve the objectives and so be focused.”

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