Smart Group Announces India’s First Anti-Aging, Preventive Healthcare Conference

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India’s first Conference to create ‘Proactive, Preventive Health For Fit India’

New Delhi, January 16- Dr. BK Modi led Smart Group is inviting Integrative and Preventive Medicine stakeholders to gather for a 2-day conference, jointly organised with the American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine (A4M).

The conference is a corollary of the A4M World Congress, held annually in Los Angeles and attended by over 5000 doctors.

From 18th to 19th January 2020, Doctors, Specialists, General Practitioners, Nutritionists, Alternative Medicine Practitioners and other stakeholders in healthcare who are looking to expand their horizons shall be gathered in Hyatt Regency, Delhi for an extravaganza of the latest cutting edge innovations and practices in healthcare with a key focus on preventive and integrative health.

A series of lectures, conducted by some of the leaders in Preventive and Integrative Medicine, from USA, Canada, India, the conference will feature new age topics like Intermittent Fasting, Gut Metabolism, How to control inflammation, how to improve memory & focus regardless of age, Genomics and Regenerative Medicine amongst others, all of which have taken urban India by storm and are being increasingly endorsed by celebrities from Bollywood, sports and even politics.

Commenting on the event, Dr BK Modi, Founder-Chairman, Smart Group, mentioned, “I envision a world where people can live Happy & Healthy, beyond 100. This event and the doctors & exhibitors associated with it are the people who will be able to crack the code to create this world and I feel happy that I can lead this new healthcare revolution in India.”

Globally renowned speakers from the A4M like Dr Andrew Heyman (MD, MHSA); Dr Daniyar Jumaniyazov (MD, PhD); Dr Brian Delaney (PhD) and Indian health leaders like Dr Naresh Trehan; functional medicine experts like celebrity nutritionist, Dr Anjali Hooda, President of the Stem Cell Society, Dr Alok Sharma et al will lead the discussions at the event.

Preeti Malhotra, Chairman, Smart Bharat, shared her wisdom on why aspiring medical practitioners should attend this conference, “Globally, there is a positive shift towards integrative and functional medicine to compliment and optimise traditional medicine methods. It doesn’t matter if you are an MD or GP, any kind of additional knowledge about how a human body interacts with itself in the face of stress or any lifestyle disorder is worthy. The medical industry is on the cusp of a revolution and practitioners will have to keep up to continue to stay relevant”.

Indian as well as international delegates could register online as well as offline, however the online registrations are only for a limited period. Those who shall attend the conference, will earn their Smart A4M India Certification in Preventive & Integrative Health.

PS: This conference promises medical breakthroughs to its attendees. For more details, visit page or contact the organizers via email – [email protected] / [email protected]

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